A purple, silver, and teal Cake Smash | toronto first birthday portraits | Pictonat Photography

Mackenzie’s cake smash was themed with the colours purple, grey and a pop of teal.  Teal had a special significance because it was one of the primary wedding colours for Mackenzie’s parents.  The birthday girl wore a tutu that was designed and made by her mom, it was just perfect!

To start off the shoot, Mackenzie got warmed up on the specially requested  ‘hot air balloon’ set and flew ‘Up, Up, and Away!’  Her favourite monkey stuffie was always nearby and would join the photoshoot whenever it was feeling up to it or wanted in on some cake.

This wasn’t just a cake smash, it was also a donut smash!  It turns out that the theme for the birthday girl’s party was donuts with the saying ‘Donut grow up’, so we couldn’t help but incorporate donuts into the set and in fact, it kept the birthday girl very happy to have a donut in hand to nibble on and smash!

I love incorporating family photos into a cake smash shoot, it’s such a fun experience and the parents get to sneak a taste of cake too.  To end off the shoot, we played with confetti, why not!

Cake Smash Confetti

Happy 1st Birthday Mackenzie!  One is Fun! Donut grow up!

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