Hello, I'm Nathalie...

...and I capture businesses in action through storytelling, mindset and brand strategy.

Sharing your brand can be hard to define in words. But a well-thought-out, strategic picture can say what words cannot describe. 

My photographs focus on more than what appears. I intuitively connect and reflect with the energy you bring, your interests, and how you relate to your audience. 

If you know you want brand photography that elevates your brand and connects to the possibilities you want to create, book a call with me here. 


Henri Cartier-Bresson said, “It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head.”   I couldn’t agree more! 



When we work together, we combine the visual, the emotional and the strategic. Beautiful and inspired photos are just the beginning. 

The right brand photographs are a foundation that you can build upon, a starting point for how you show up in your business. 



A picture is not just a picture - it is a powerful tool. Using those pictures in your business unlocks a world of possibilities that you only dreamt were possible. 

I’ve seen my images show up in magazines. The products I’ve photographed are now on the shelves of large retailers like Indigo and Hudson’s Bay. I’ve seen time and time again how the right brand photographs and the right strategy unleashes power into your business

Stepping in front of the camera should be an experience.

For many of us, a brand photography session can be overwhelming. When we work together, I am with you and listen carefully at every step

First, we will get to know each other, and I will prepare a strategic planning document. My clients love having a clear direction for the day of their shoot and show up comfortable, with the right mindset knowing what story we will be telling and what to expect. 

Since we have already gotten to know each other, you can show up naturally, candidly and comfortably. This is more than taking nice pictures. I am intuitive and love to emotionally connect with my clients, which comes through in the photos we take.

Because we have already discussed strategy, once you get your photographs, you know how to use them right away.  Your strategy document will give you a plan to make the most of your pictures and start making a return on that investment right away

How I got here


When I left my project management role to focus on photography, I knew that this was what I wanted to do. Capturing who a person truly is and shining a light on their energy fills me with so much joy

However, as my business progressed, I realized something. 

While the creative part of me enjoyed taking beautiful pictures for families, I missed the strategic portion of my corporate role. I love challenges and solving puzzles (in fact, I’m the queen of the escape room!) That naturally led me to brand photography. 

I love being part of someone’s business - not only in taking their photos but in how those photos are used— seeing how this fits into the larger picture and how these photos breathe new life into their brands.

When I’m not bringing my visions to life, my main passions are my family, personal development and spiritual growth. In fact, I recently became a Reiki master


Publications and Features

I am passionate about community, sharing and education. My business got to where it was by listening and learning from others, and I continue to rely on leading experts to grow.

You can listen to my collection of curated and insightful interviews on my podcast, The Focal Tangent: Perspectives That Shift. I am also a co-author of the book Love, Life, LemonadeVisit the Press Page for a detailed list of appearances.

As well you can see some of my other features and interviews below: 

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So if you are:

  • A woman that is on a mission to make a difference
  • An innovative, forward-thinking entrepreneur who has built a business and is ready to go to the next level 
  • Someone who knows what they want but is prepared to collaborate, be flexible and work together

Then let’s book a discovery call to see if we are a good fit. 

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