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I'm so grateful for the opportunity to connect with you and hope you enjoyed the presentation.  Listed below are some bonus links to tools that will help elevate your brand online. 

Also, to help you move the needle on your visual brand, some limited spots for a free 20 min visual brand audit can be scheduled so that I can help you identify the priorities to focus on. 

Tell your story, elevate your brand.

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Your online presence is a representation of your brand, think of it like it's your virtual storefront when someone lands on your website or social media account.  How can you welcome them in and provide the opportunity for potential leads to get to know you?  Brand photos are the most effective way to deepen connections, build trust, and stay top of mind.  I'm excited to share some helpful ways below to elevate your brand online!

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Exclusively for presentation attendees, book a free 20-minute call for a free visual brand audit.  Get feedback on areas of your brand that are standing out and receive tips on opportunities to expand on and explore.  Only three spots are available.  Click to book a spot!

Free Guide:  12 Stand-out Ways to Use Your Brand Photos to Shine Online

You may be wondering how to actually USE your brand photos to increase your visibility.  This check-list provides a guide on 12 stand out ways to start showcasing your authentic brand online right away!

Free Training:  How to Plan a Brand Photoshoot That Will Scale Your Business

In this free 10 minute training, I uncover the strategic approach to planning a brand photoshoot that will scale your business.  I love to strategize and plan, please do with any questions at anytime!

Copy of Lead Magnet Promo Instagram Post Templates

Customized Visual Brand Playbook

Receive a customized Visual Brand Playbook for your upcoming branding photoshoot.  Your photographer will have guidance on what shots to capture for your personal brand and you'll have guidance on how to prepare.  I follow the exact process I use to plan and map out branding photoshoots.  This offer is for residents outside of Ontario, Canada only.   What you get: a Story session discovery questionnaire to complete, a one hour call to walk through your customized visual brand playbook, a copy of the playbook to use for your photoshoot. 

Regularly $555, it is now $222, only 3 available.  Offer must be redeemed within two weeks of the presentation date.  Email to grab the deal.


About Nathalie

Hello, I’m Nathalie, brand strategist, photographer, podcast host and founder of Pictonat Photography. I help innovative entrepreneurs open the door to new possibilities with strategic brand photographs. By combining intuition, strategy and direction, we help you create stronger connections with your audience and bring focus to your online presence. 

I'd love to stay connected! You can find me on Instagram, LinkedIn, and by email

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