Pictonat Photography Fresh 48 Toronto

What is a Fresh 48 Session?

It takes place within 48-72 hours at the place of birth and documents your baby's first sweet moments in a fresh and natural way.   These lifestyle sessions are intimate and different from a traditional newborn session with no props, baby posing, or studio lights.

Pictonat Photography Fresh 48 Toronto

Why a Fresh 48 Session?

Your baby will be changing so fast and this session captures all the little cute details before you go through the 'baby moon' phase or introducing your little one to the world.  These are the moments you'll look back on and will want to blown up and displayed on your wall.

Pictonat Photography Fresh 48 Toronto

What's included?

This lifestyle photography session takes place within 48-72 hours of birth during daylight hours at the place of birth (hospital, birth center, at home) using available light.  It is 60-90 minutes in duration.  Included are a minimum of 35 edited digital images and the printed proofs.


Here is a wonderful example of a Fresh 48 session that took place at the hospital.  This session documents the first few moments of this proud mom of two with her 2nd child.    In this feature post, Polina also shares her insights on motherhood and her overall experience.

Pictonat Photography Fresh 48 Toronto

Read the Q&A below with this mom of two who shares her insights on motherhood and her experience with the Fresh 48 session:

1. How is it to have two?  It is definitely a transition to go from one child to two. You feel like you know what you are doing second time around, but each child is so different that no two experiences are the same. You are also trying to figure out the balance between their two different schedules and how to spend time with both while attending to their needs.

2. Any general advice you'd like to share with new moms? When your life has been turned upside down, you are tired, sleep deprived, delusional, hormonal, anxious, hangry, physically broken, hysterical, overwhelmed, unqualified for this job, and at a point where you don’t know if you can handle another day of this - try to remember this stage will not last forever! It’s hard to feel like things will ever get better, but eventually and slowly you will get pieces of your life back and will start feeling like yourself again. You will be able to hold a conversation, get out by yourself, have free time, go on date nights, not be a milk factory, and get your sleep back.

3. What are some tips to share on what you found useful on how to prepare for your Fresh 48 session? When packing the bag for the hospital, I would suggest adding clothes that you will be comfortable in that you would like to wear during the session, especially if you will be feeding the infant. Also pack some make up and items that will make you feel good post-delivery.

4. Would you recommend a Fresh 48 session to others? I definitely would! It was really nice to capture those early moments and to have an incentive to get glammed up after the delivery. It was a really nice treat and a welcome distraction post delivery from the pain, tests and al hospital things.

5. What are 1-3 items you can't live without in the newborn stage that you'd recommend? I am a minimalist and feel newborns don’t need much during the early stage. A few items I loved having around, other than coffee, are:

  1. Prepared food/healthy snacks. It’s surprisingly hard to find time and two free hands to make food for yourself during the day and for the family in the evening. Having prepared foods that can be defrosted and healthy snacks to eat while feeding the infant or that you can throw in the bag while going to appointments, really helped to nourish myself and not stress about figuring out how to feed everyone.
  2. Carrier and/or wraps. I have a few different wraps and a carrier to use inside and outside the house. I love carrying my newborn close to me during the early stage. They are very light still and a nice way to promote skin to skin contact at home, and for the infant to feel the warmth and heart beat familiar to them when on the go. It’s also a good way to get things done at home and get around the city by public transport.
  3. Nursing clothes and feeding necessities. I invested in nursing clothes which made breastfeeding on the go and at home comfortable and convenient. I also supplemented with formula, so having the required necessities at home like bottles and formula made it less stressful to feed while figuring the infant’s feeding habits and schedule.
Pictonat Photography Fresh 48 Toronto


**Due to the on-call nature of these sessions, I only do a limited number of Fresh 48 sessions per month. I recommend to book early to guarantee a spot.**

Pictonat Photography Fresh 48 Toronto

About:  Pictonat Photography is located in Midtown Toronto, south of Yonge and Eglinton.  Nathalie is owner and photographer with a passion for delivering images that capture emotions and tell a story with an intimate and fresh feel.  Her  area of focus is on families of all ages from bump to baby and beyond.

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