The Mom & Baby summer class for Mommy Connections Midtown in Toronto enjoyed ‘photo day’ with a fun and fresh theme – Tropical Paradise.  In preparation for photo day, I provide some details on the theme and the colours so that the moms can prepare their outfits accordingly to coordinate with the theme.  Babies came to class in summer colours for the ‘heat wave’.  There was even a baby dressed as a pineapple!  It’s a fun photo day for all and great memories for mom.  More information on Mommy Connections Midtown and class offerings can be found on their site:  There’s a photo day by a professional photographer in every session.

Mommy Connections Midtown Mom and Baby

What I love about coming for photo day at Mommy Connections Midtown is seeing the babies grow and capturing their milestones.  This ‘cool dude’ above is all smiles and it is his second photo day.

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