The Personal Brand Photography Experience For Business Owners Who Desire Deeper Connections and Business Growth

I help female entrepreneurs look and feel amazing online.

The Personal Brand Photography experience is designed for rising experts (like you) who crave:

  • Elevating their brand to start building or growing their visibility (and be ready for the opportunities that follow)
  • Visuals that authentically captures their business and personality (quirks, cute coffee mugs, and snacks included)
  • Confidence they're attracting their dream client so that sales calls become a breeze (since people like, know and trust you)
  • Support through the entire photoshoot process (so they can arrive well-rested and prepared rather than stressed about the camera)
  • Brand strategy to actually use their brand photos that goes beyond Instagram (and... have the photos do the selling)
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But before I set up my camera, lets talk about what might be holding you back from booking that photoshoot...

  • You've been thinking about getting photos done soon, but you're not sure if the investment will really pay off.
  • Even though your business coach has told you it's important to get pictures done, no one has really explained what leads to photos that make your website stand out amongst the competition.
  • When you see other photos out there, you're wondering how you'll be able to pull off the poses and still feel truly authentic to you.
  • You're posting on social everyday and making offers, but the sales aren't rolling in... and you're not sure what's missing. 

Here's what's likely happening:  Your visuals aren't helping your dream clients get to know, like, and trust you... 

Welcome to the Brand Builder Experience...

The Brand Builder Experience is the easiest way to experience a customized photoshoot that gives you months and months of photos to tell your story and help your business grow.  

What makes a photoshoot with the Brand Builder Experience different?

This is a process I've honed after working on dozens and dozens of photoshoots. I hold your hand through the entire process so that you feel excited and assured that you're going to have a fun experience that will lead you to photos that you'll want to share. The five-step brand builder framework is a unique and customized process for a branding photoshoot that converts. It takes the brand through a process of discovery and execution so that you end with visuals so that you end with visuals so that your clients get to know, like and trust you.


Here's the five steps that we'll follow to create your Brand Builder Experience...    

Research and Discovery Phase

Step 1:

Research & Discovery

Honing in on your brand foundations, brand vibe, and ideal client avator.


Step 2:

Strategic Planning

Get clear on the plan, how to prepare and what to expect.   


Step 3:

Photoshoot Day

Bringing your story to life, showcasing your authentic self.


Step 4:

Review & Selection

Your brand imagery is presented in an online gallery for review.


Step 5:

Visual Content Plan

Have a plan to execute and use your photos to shine online.

Let's peek into your future where you've got a set of photos that capture your authentic story, and people are noticing

Now that your photos are out in the world, you're getting...

... compliments from new clients that they were drawn to you

... invited to speak at events, on podcasts, or on your local news

... offers for paid partnerships from dream brands you already love

... more sales because businesses think you look super professional

It's the kind of magic that happens when you elevate your brand

Looking for Brand Builder success stories you can relate to?


"Gives potential customers a great first impression of what my brand is all about. 

It's worth the investment.  Incorporating the photos into my new website has made a huge difference. It's brighter, full of life. Having a collection of photos, not just of myself but of other Healthy Moms from our community has been a great way to bring the "stuff" to life."

~ Aviva Allen Founder, Healthy Moms Toronto


"My photos have helped to create opportunities for me to partner with brands and position myself as a professional content creator.

My branding pictures are used to help increase brand exposure for myself and my business.  Whether I'm working with other entrepreneurs or corporations, having professional branded photos is a reflection of the value I offer if they choose to hire me.  Having quality customized images outside of the traditional headshots has elevated my brand because it helps me stand out from the pack."

~ Jennifer Singh, Founder, She's Newsworthy Media


What is included in the Brand Builder session experience?

Full project management and coordination of the photoshoot

At least 60 images that reflect your business and you

Help choosing your story buckets (... the content categories that showcase who you are and what it looks like to work with you)

 Multiple locations to capture your story

 Tips on HOW to use your images 

Wardrobe consultation so you show up reflecting the person you are

 A day together to capture your personalized brand story

... plus bonuses to enhance your experience


Packages starting at $2395+HST

*** Black Friday Sale is now on for all Brand Builder packages until Monday November 29th for a session booked in January, February, or March 2022.  Limited Spots are available, learn more HERE.

Check out some of the story buckets we'll focus on to showcase your brand...


Styled Images to play off your personality and brand vibe

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Action Shots to showcase doing what you do best and your expertise


Portraits for your media opportunities, about pages, and social media 

Get the most out of your experience with these high-value bonus additions

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#1:  Visual Brand Audit
(valued at $95)

... get clear on what's working well and what can be done better to elevate your brand presence online with an audit of your brand online.


#2:  Professional Make-up Application
(valued at $195)

... because I want it to be super easy for you to get ready for your photo session, I'm bonusing an on-location make-up artist to help you get camera ready


#3:  Storytelling for Social Media Online Course
(valued at $295)

...this will help you come up with captions and stories that'll complement your photos.  Get clear on how to show up consistently and stay top of mind.

Who's the Visual Story-Teller behind the Brand Builder experience and the camera?


Hi, I'm Nathalie,

... a brand strategist and photographer, author, podcast host, and founder of Pictonat.  I have helped over 50 women entrepreneurs elevate their brand and deepen relationships with their audience with creative storytelling solutions and brand photography.

I hold an MBA from the Rotman School of Management with 17 years of experience in Financial Services. My specialized areas of knowledge and experience include Project Management, Strategy, and Marketing. 

Imagine having your visual branding solutions project managed and executed on schedule and on scope for you.  This saves you time so that you can focus on your business and what you do best. I am passionate about helping small businesses elevate their brand.


Here's what a few happy clients had to say...


"Nathalie was so well organized and professional and the pictures turned out so well.

She came up with very unique shots that turned out great and took the time to understand what I was looking for, for my brand specifically. I will definitely hire Pictonat again and would recommend to anyone looking for a photographer!  We had such a great day."

~ Remy W., Founder, MoxyPatch

"Nathalie is so great with helping my business partner and I feel comfortable in front of the camera.

She's a dream to work with. Extremely professional, knowledgeable, prepared and efficient. We were blown away by the photos. I highly recommend working with Nathalie!"

~ Kelley and Andrea, Inkling Design

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Sneak a peek at other businesses telling their story and elevating their brand

(hint:  you can be here too)

Got questions?  Grab your cup of tea, cuz I've got the answers right here...

An online gallery of photos proofs is ready for viewing and selection within one week from the photoshoot date.

The photoshoot is to occur within the same day, up to one full day.  If the photoshoot must be spread across multiple days, then there will additional fees or it will be considered a separate session.

A subscription allows for fresh content to be captured every quarter for your business. Each quarter, you can focus on the story sessions to be captured for the quarter ahead.

A limited number of spots are available for Personal Branding sessions and priority is given to subscription clients who lock in their spot.

A subscription offers great value and has a lower price point per session than if you were to book a one-time session.

Single sessions are also available and are a great way to try it out!

Additional images can be purchased a la carte or you can upgrade to the next package level.

A story is a series of content categories that I use to help group the shots that we'll be capturing.  Through story you showcase who you are and what it looks like to work with you.  By grouping your photos into multiple stories, you showcase your business in multiple ways without always selling.  

I help choose your story buckets and the details that we'll capture on the shoot day.  You'll show up knowing what to expect on the shoot day.

After the photoshoot, you may be wondering how to use your photos.  I provide a tip sheet on how to use your photos and executive it yourself.   I can also help you with your visual content strategy from planning to execution where we work together on an ongoing basis to bring your brand to life!

I'm a tea drinker at heart! I enjoy a variety of teas. For a daytime pick-me-up my go-to is a matcha latte followed by any green tea.  For a late afternoon or evening calm, I enjoy rooibos teas.    


A love note about your branding experience...

Pictonat_FabForty_Nat_0619_0411 copy1

At Pictonat, my goal is to help entrepreneurs and professionals create a strong brand online with authentic images that tell a story, that builds connection and trust with their audience.  It truly lights me up to see brands showcase their uniqueness and experience exponential growth in their business.

Having a strong online presence has a growing importance to the success of a business and professional brand.  When your audience gets a chance to see you, get to know you, and 'feel' your brand through the emotions we illustrate the images... it makes your brand memorable and top of mind. 

I can't wait to help you tell your story and elevate your brand! 

xx Nathalie

Founder, Pictonat Creative


Tell Your Story.  Elevate Your Brand.

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