Episode #3: Leaning into the Unknowns in Business with Wendy Huynh

This week on the podcast, I chat with Wendy Huynh about pivoting, mindset, and leaning into the unknown.


Wendy is the Owner of Beauty Babe Lounge, the #1 trusted lash a brow studio in midtown Toronto dedicated to emphasizing your natural attributes, while providing you with the highest level of care and attention. As a mother, she understands that time is precious, which is why she focuses on semi-permanent treatments and offers high performing products that allow you to manage your beauty routine more efficiently.


As a Master Lash Artist with over two decades in the beauty industry and 11 certifications under her belt, she understands how important it is for women to pay extra attention to self care, how the power of something seemingly so small and simple as getting lash extensions could completely change their confidence as they take charge of their day with ease.


“There are opportunities everywhere if you choose to look for them. If you believe that there isn't, then there won't be. But if you believe that there is, then they're going to show up for you.” - Wendy Huynh, Founder of Beauty Babe Lounge


In this episode: 

  • Wendy’s unique story to owning her business
  • The process of choosing her brand name and colours
  • How she pivoted to make her business profitable during COVID
  • Wendy’s tips for creating a resilient mindset even in the hardest times

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