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Episode #34: How Communicating Your Values in your Authentic Voice Attracts The Right People with Karen Lamont

On today’s show, I am excited to dive into the topic of getting personal with your customers to attract the right people and generate more sales.  We welcome special guest Karen Lamont, founder and chief designer of CITRUS - an e-commerce jeweller creating bespoke mementos that celebrate life’s bespoke moments.

Karen has crafted more than 30,000 designs in silver, rose and yellow gold coins and other precious materials so that the moments you’ve crafted are always close at hand. Karen lives and breathes a fully personalized experience. Her strong design sense, quality craftsmanship, creative marketing, in-person and online sales techniques have set Citrus apart as a Canadian brand for almost 14 years.

What sparks joy for Karen is meeting fellow entrepreneurs and sharing experiences that support one another and lift each other up.  Starting an ecommerce business can be tough, let alone sustaining it for growth year over year.

“Step into your own voice, it is the path of least resistance.”  Karen Lamont, CITRUS

In this powerful episode, Karen shares insights on:

  • Key foundations or pillars of growth that led to the success of CITRUS
  • How the pandemic impacted her business and led to shifts resulting in phenomenal growth
  • Tips for new businesses in getting started with their customer value chain  (marketing, sales, fulfillment, and operations) and learn CITRUS’ approach
  • Insights on operating an e-commerce store combined with the value of face to face connection for business growth
  • Advice for new artisans and businesses on the importance of authentic storytelling and how to start
  • How getting clear on your values and leaning into them becomes the basis of your communication

“Be crystal clear on your values.  Your values become the structure of your communication strategy.”  Karen Lamont, CITRUS

Personalized touches and excelling in customer service for a memorable experience is what CITRUS values. Karen shares her love for humour with her audience and also with our listeners on the show.  Be sure to tune into the full episode for key insights that will help your business shift and grow.

Stay tuned for Karen’s upcoming virtual workshop for artisans + makers to help them uncover their true, authentic voice and learn powerful written and in-person communication techniques to attract and engage more customers naturally.

“Think about it from the perspective of your customer and the experience they want to have.”  Karen Lamont, CITRUS

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