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Episode #36: Curating Those First Impressions and Being Styled into Leadership with Hailey Verity

The number one question I get asked before any photoshoot is what should I wear? I myself wondered the same thing when I had a promotional video filmed for Pictonat.... wardrobe was a huge concern for me, I've been there! And with the right guidance and help, it is truly a fun process. Personal style is a HUGE factor in how we show up and appear on camera, in real life... everywhere. When your image shows that you invest in yourself, others will invest in you. I am soooo excited to welcome special guest Hailey Verity, Personal Style Coach on today's show. We are going to dive into curating those first impressions and what it means to be styled into leadership.


About Hailey: 

Hailey Verity is a Toronto–based certified life coach and personal stylist. Driven by helping women to restore their confidence and sense of self, often after some serious life change, she founded Hailey Verity: Your Personal Style Coach. Her mission is to provide the women that she serves with wardrobe solutions (with a side of life coaching) that supports them as they regain their confidence, level up their style, and feel good from the inside out.


Though her superpower is style, her background in teaching and coaching allows her to relate to clients and help them ‘unpack’ feelings about themselves (and their wardrobes!) and shed old thought patterns that are no longer serving them…right alongside all the jeans that no longer fit.

Hailey also loves her role as an educator, a mentor and top ambassador in a Direct Sales ladies’ accessories company, (seeing success as one of the top 3% in sales, having personally sold almost half a million dollars in sparkle in her career with them to date).

When she’s not coaching and styling fabulous women, you’re likely to find Hailey curled up with a book on her dock at the cottage, baking up her almost-famous blueberry cake or playing cards with her three fantastic children.


“Dress for possibility…” Hailey Verity, Personal Style Coach


Episode Highlights:

  • Where to begin with it comes to styling
  • How to tap into style inspiration to hone in on your personal style
  • What styled leadership means and how investing yourself leads to others investing in you
  • Pointers on what to wear for a virtual meeting to appear online with confidence
  • Tips for on what to wear for a branding photoshoot
  • The steps that Hailey takes clients through to tap into their personal style with ease 
  • Fun conversation that pulls on Hailey’s insights and thoughts:
    • Fitted vs. baggy
    • Colour vs. neutral
    • Accessorize vs. not
  • How to overcome the limiting beliefs and embrace YOU and show up with ease


“If it makes you feel great and it empowers you, and it means that you are showing up in a different way… go for it.”  Hailey Verity, Personal Style Coach


Links mentioned in the episode:

  • Yes of Yes by Shonda Rhimes https://www.amazon.ca/Year-Yes-Dance-Stand-Person/dp/1476777128


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