Speaking at Summits to Grow Your Business with Jenn Zellers

Episode #37: Speaking at Summits to Grow Your Business with Jenn Zellers

One of the most effective ways to connect, learn, and expand your network is through attending virtual summits. A virtual summit brings together industry experts, business leaders, and speakers together online. All these experts talk on or discuss a specific topic. Attendees also register online to attend these summits. These events have become wildly popular and can connect people from all over the world! As an entrepreneur, speaking at a summit can bring incredible growth opportunities. In 2020 I co-hosted my first ever branding and mindset focused summit and I can attest that both the speakers and the hosts got an uplift in leads, referrals and growth opportunities. There is a strategic approach to it all and today we're going to dive into speaking at summits to grow your business with special guest Jenn Zellers, virtual Summit Alchemist and founder of the Virtual Summit Search.


About Jenn Zellers: 

Jenn empowers servant-hearted online business owners to create more reach and impact by extending the lifespan of their one-hit-wonder virtual summit speaking and hosting experiences. Through the Virtual Summit Search directories, she connects attendees with awesome summits, as well as hosts with speakers and service providers to help make their summit even more amazing. The Virtual Summit Search team also works with hosts to evergreen their summits to get ongoing leads and sales, and with speakers to make the most of their summit presentations to grow their email list and get more sales - all without being sleazy or gross!


Episode Highlights:

  • Why entrepreneurs should consider the opportunity to speak at virtual summits
  • How to maximize the opportunity as a summit speaker to build connections and grow your business
  • Tips for preparing for a summit with ease
  • The ‘no sleaze sales’ method for pitching your business that converts
  • When to say ‘no’ to being a summit speaker
  • The ins and outs of getting paid as a summit speaker
  • What to know and consider about sponsoring a virtual summit event
  • How to ask for and attract opportunities to be a virtual summit speaker (hint:  tell everyone you want to speak!)


Quick action tips to get start with getting opportunities to being a virtual summit speaker:

  1. Tell everyone you want to speak
  2. Share the topic you’d like to speak on - try to stick to 1 main speaking topic
  3. Ask for referrals


Where can our listeners find you and do you have any promos coming up? http://virtualsummitspeaking.com/


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