Five secrets to rocking your brand photoshoot with Nathalie Amlani

Episode #38: Five Secrets to Rocking Your Brand Photoshoot with Nathalie Amlani

For all the business owners and entrepreneurs, you know you gotta show up but the thought of being in front of the camera makes you want to run for the hills.  In this episode I help you find ease and confidence in showing up your authentic self with five secrets to rocking your brand photoshoot.  These top secrets tips were shared in the Done in a Day Secrets showcase and I'm excited to give podcast listeners the inside scoop on it too.

Episode highlights of the secrets shared:

  1. Strike a pose - Posing inspiration - Pinterest - Practice those poses in the mirror! Cheesy but true. Muscle memory is a real thing. Work your ANGLES, turning slightly to the side, top down, sitting on the edge of a seat versus leaning back
  2. Story - Tell a story - a day in the life of… create those story buckets - have an outfit for each! Align with your brand photographer on this. Use a google doc to break out the stories
  3. Shift in Mindset - the branding shoot is all about capturing the ENERGY you bring on the shoot day, the passion you have for your mission… get SLEEP, drink water, eat light the night before, pamper yourself!
  4. SHARE the experience with your audience along the way (they love being taken along on the journey!)


Additional tips: use your image within 2 weeks of receiving it, prepare a post in advance for example '3 things you may not know about me', 'Why I’m here' and for DIY-ers - turn off the lights, use natural light, get your hair done, strike a pose!


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