Being yourself online and finding your voice to ask for what you want with Nicola Moors

Episode #39: Being Yourself Online and Finding Your Voice to Ask For What You Want with Nicola Moors

When it comes to your personal brand, how does one truly show up as their authentic selves and boldly ask for what they want?  What happens when imposter syndrome kicks in and the comparison trap?  There setbacks can really play a number on the ego and I’ve been there many times over.  When I started my business, the only way i knew how to grow was through comparison… and only through multiple mindset shifts, coaching programs, facing fears overtime did I lean into showing up with my own personal brand and now there’s no turning back and it’s something I help empower other female leaders do through brand photography.  Today, we’re going to fastrack you even further with special guest Nicola Moors, we’re going to really peel back the layers and dive into how to be yourself online and finding your voice and how to be bold and ask for what you want.


About Nicola:

Nicola is a Launch strategist and copywriter who creates profitable funnels fuelled by data, research, my client’s personality, and a ton of advanced conversion strategies.  Generating results like:

  • Increasing client’s sales page conversions by 68% by tweaking the messaging and adding in my client’s voice
  • A 13% conversion rate on warm and cold traffic for a sales page
  • Up to 85.4% open rates on launch emails
  • Banking a $246K week for my client from a $897 course 

These higher-than-average numbers are the result of finding the right message for her clients, and always looking at their numbers before making a funnel decision. 


“Don’t take no personally, it’s never about you.” Nicola Moors, Launch strategist and copywriter


Episode Highlights:

  • Tips for being yourself online and discovering your inner voice
  • Being bold and asking for what you want to get the desired outcomes you never would have imagined!
      • Just do it!
      • Ask and stay top of mind
      • Pitch and go for the opportunity
      • Don’t take no personally, it’s never about you
  • Getting used to saying what’s on your mind and how to move past imposter symdrome
  • Knowing when to filter or not
  • The five mistakes everyone makes in their funnels and launches (that are losing you money and customers)
  • How to create a brand voice guide that will help your business grow and scale with a team, for example including:
      • Phrases you’d say, would never say
      • Emoji’s you’d use and wouldn’t use
  • Quick tips for tapping into inspiration and generating topics that connect:
      • Pro Tip #1:  Conversational subject lines like talking to a friend
      • Pro Tip #2:  Keep a list phrases and stories that happened - it’s easy to forget stuff once it happens
  • Why metrics are important to track and what the results can tell you


“If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”  Nicola Moors, launch strategist and copywriter


Thanks Nicola for sharing your zone of genius for how to launch and create copy that converts, this episode will truly shift your perspective.


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