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Episode #49: Unlocking Inner Wisdom: The Power of Becoming Still with Nadine Moffatt

In this discussion, the guest Nadine Moffatt, a mystic, lightworker, channel, healer, guide, Nordic witch, and empath, demystifies energy healing, intuition and awakening feminine energy.

Nadine explains the importance of becoming 'still', listening to one's inner wisdom, and understanding how the feminine energy works. She emphasizes the importance of aligning one's energy, and how clearing negative emotions and limiting beliefs can clear the 'static' from one's 'antenna' and improve their ability to attract what they want in life.

Also, she showcases the importance of acknowledging and processing emotions for a healthy mental state. Lastly, Nadine introduces her upcoming Mystical Mastermind, a membership collective, steeped in magic and rituals for those wanting to deepen their understanding of the topics discussed.


00:00 Introduction

01:02 Guest Introduction: Nadine Moffatt

03:24 The Story Behind 'Becoming Still'

05:22 Understanding Modern Day Witchcraft

10:08 The Importance of Embracing Stillness

14:41 Exploring the Divine Feminine Energy

17:55 The Power of Processing Emotions

23:05 Attracting Success through Energy Management

24:41 Understanding Self and Attracting Success

25:27 Clearing the Static: Emotions and Limiting Beliefs

26:38 Reframing Feelings of Lack

28:56 The Power of Attraction and Trust

33:49 Listening to Your Intuition and Guides

35:44 The Practice of Energy Healing

38:21 Starting Your Journey with Meditation

41:44 Final Thoughts and Upcoming Promotions

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