Focal Tangent Episode 53 Unleash Your Special Sauce: Attracting More Dream Clients By Being You with Lianne Kim

Episode #53: Unleash Your Special Sauce: Attracting More Dream Clients By Being You with Lianne Kim

Business coach Lianne Kim joined the Focal Tangent Podcast to discuss using individual uniqueness as an asset for attracting desired clients. Lianne explains how her sales and marketing background led her to found Mamas Co and become a successful entrepreneur. She offers tips on personal branding and the importance of recognizing one's own 'special sauce'. 

She emphasizes the power of video on social media, and the need for authenticity, challenge, and expertise in engaging content. Lianne also addressed criticism, encouraging comfort with negative feedback. 

A focus was made on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle for business success. Discussions included the benefits of daily exercise, well-structured scheduling, varied diets, and maintaining good gut health.

Episode Highlights

00:00 Introduction and Guest Introduction
01:17 Understanding Your Special Sauce
02:18 The Journey of Building a Community
03:58 Identifying and Harnessing Your Special Sauce
06:01 The Power of Video Content
07:23 Embracing Authenticity and Dealing with Criticism
11:20 The Importance of Personal Branding
14:03 Balancing Personal Life and Business
17:23 The Role of Health and Wellness in Business Success
27:37 The Impact of Daily Habits on Success
30:10 Overcoming Challenges to Establish a Morning Routine
31:11 The Impact of Skipping Morning Movement
31:34 The Mind-Body Connection and Its Influence on Productivity
32:33 The Importance of Seeking Support in Personal Growth
33:31 Overcoming Excuses and Embracing Change
33:53 The Power of Careful Scheduling
34:48 Identifying Activities That Make You Feel Your Best
35:31 The Impact of Habits on Our Lives
35:56 The Benefits of Batching Tasks
37:03 The Importance of Energy Management
38:40 The Power of Entrepreneurship and Designing Your Life
40:10 The Impact of Your Business on Others
40:50 The Importance of Self-Care and Energy Management
45:25 The Power of Healthy Eating and Mindful Eating
58:03 The Journey to Being Your Best Self

Episode Quotes

"I'm not who I was yesterday, I'm not who I will be tomorrow, but who I am right now is enough" - Kari Russell

"It's like we can't lead others until we are leading ourselves" - Kari Russell

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Hi, I'm your host Nathalie Amlani, a brand strategist, photographer, soulful entrepreneur, and visual storyteller.  I help female entrepreneurs look and feel amazing online.  Imagine creating a strong personal brand that authentically deepens the connection with your audience and leads to an increase in business revenue and joy (yes, that's what help do!).  I value community and this podcast brings to life the vision of having a hub of curated experiences and information that enables powerful growth as a collective.

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