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Where to find Nathalie:  Media Appearances and Booking Information

Nathalie Amlani


Hello, I’m Nathalie, the founder of Pictonat. I've helped over 100 innovative entrepreneurs open the door to new possibilities with magnetic brand photographs and strategic storytelling techniques.

By combining intuition, strategy and direction, I help businesses create stronger connections with their audience and bring focus to their online presence.  I am also a Projector, enneagram 8, a mom of two, reiki master, and an avid tea lover.

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Speaking Topics

Attracting Your Dream Client With Brand Photos

Take the lead:  Showcase Your Brand

The 7 Most Trusted Brand Photos You Need For Your Business

The Power of Visual Storytelling for Your Personal Brand

Elevating Your Business with Brand Photos



Audience Overview

Entrepreneurs looking to up-level their online visibility and deepen the connection with their audience.

Business leaders looking to grow their personal brand and showcase their authentic selves.


Past Speaking Experiences

There is so much joy in connecting with business owners around the globe!  Listed below are some of my past speaking experiences at Summits, Conferences, and Private Membership groups

  • Mamas & Co. Business Bootcamp
    Topic:  7 Most Trusted Brand Photos You Need For Your Business
  • Introvertpreneur Summit 2021, 2022
    Topics: Bringing Out the Beauty Within to Elevate Your Brand, Attracting Your Dream Client with Brand Photos
  • Femmebought Community Masterclass
    Topic:  Project Management For Small Business
  • Mamas & Co. Community Masterclass
    Topic:  The Power of Visual Storytelling
  • Sunrise Brand Summit
    Topic:  Visual Storytelling Strategies to Boost Your Brand on Social Media
  • Wilfred Laurier Entrepreneurship Center
    Topic:  Branding: Elevating and Protecting Your Brand
  • Physicians Coaching Alliance Group
    Topic:  The Power Of Storytelling For Your Personal Brand
  • Smart Results Summit
    Topic: Share your story: Using brand imagery to help you stand apart and share your vision
  • Mom Halo Executive Business Day
    Topic: The Power of Visual Storytelling

Podcast Guest Appearances

Being a podcast host myself, I also love being a guest on podcasts to share my zone of genius and to make an impact on as many business owners as possible.

Strategize Your Business Online Podcast with Dee Boswell-Buck

Episode 36:  How Branding Photos Can Be Used and Make an Impact on Business Growth

Process to Profitability podcast with Samantha Mabe

Episode 160:  Planning a Brand Photoshoot That Helps Grow Your Business

The Quiet Powerhouse podcast with Julie Greenham

Episode 35:  Deepening Connections to Clients with Brand Photography

The Business of Thinking Big podcast with Lianne Kim

Episode 13:  The Importance of Brand Photography

The Business of Thinking Big with Lianne Kim

Episode 133:  Becoming a Thought Leader with Nathalie Amlani

The Introvertpreneur Podcast with Tara Reid

Episode 97:  Brand Storytelling and Brand Photoshoot Tips

Mom Halo - Nathali Amlani - Personal Brand Photographer

Mom Halo Podcast with Alana Kayfetz

Season 3 | Episode 8 Expert Spotlight: Nathalie Amlani, Personal Brand Photographer

Embrace Simplified podcast with Kirsti Stubbs

Episode 61:  Leaning into Creativity with Nathalie Amlani

Systems to Thrive Podcast with Jenny

Episode 179:  Your Best Brand Building Photoshoot

Best For Women - Instagram-Quote-with-Nat

Best for Women Live with Brook Gordon

Project Management as a Business Development Tool

EP 52 Graphic - Purpose & Progress Podcast

Purpose & Progress Podcast with Ashelee Sang

Honouring boundaries to be fully present

Publications and Articles

There's something magical about seeing brands come to life in print and to be able to share stories and insights in publications and articles that live on forever.


  • Life, Love Lemonade Book, co-author
  • Baby Maternity Retailer Magazine May 2022 - full page advertorial with brand photos
  • Creative Child Magazine - multiple editions
    Brand Photography for Funkins on the front covers, full page spreads
  • Creative Play Retailer Magazine - multiple editions
    Brand Photography for Funkins on the front covers, full page spreads
  • Mamabrain Magazine January 2021
    Expert Columnist:  Kickstarting Your Personal Brand in 2021
  • Mamabrain Magazine Special Edition 2020
    Cover photo image photographer, expert columnist:  Entrepreneur Journey
  • The Lens Magazine Winter 2019
    Expert Brand Photographer contributor
  • Product Awards and Recognitions for clients' brands - Brand photos showcased and used in award mentions/promotion

Looking for a guest speaker?

I love to share my zone of genius and help others rise and grow.  If you're looking for a speaker for your upcoming event, podcast episode, or a group session, I'd love to connect!  Together we rise.


"We so enjoyed having Nathalie speak at our virtual conference.  She is always so poised and knowledgeable, not to mention she shared tangible tips that our audience can action right away.  I highly recommend her as a speaker"

— Lianne Kim
Mamas and Co. Business Bootcamp Host

"Nathalie is an incredible speaker and we were so excited to have her as a part of our event. She really knows her stuff and is able to break things down in a fun and relatable way. All of our attendees loved her presentation and learned so much from her!"

— Tara Reid
Introvertpreneur Summit Host
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