Professional headshots make an impression and may have an impact on landing a job you are going for.  Make sure the head-shot sends the right message and that the look aligns with the targeted industry.  The goal of the head-shot is to make you appear confident, emphasizing your face and eyes.  A good head-shot is an important tool in defining your image and presenting a positive first impression.  As you climb the corporate ladder,your head-shot may follow you and appear on many locations such as publications, announcements on awards and achievements, company newsletters, company directory and websites.  The list is endless!





Your headshot will be seen by more people than you can imagine.  With the rise of video conferencing, social media, and the widespread use of LinkedIn, it’s very easy to search for and find information on people in seconds.  Both potential employers and clients may want to learn more information about you to gauge ‘fit’ and your head-shot is key in setting that first impression.  Some companies allow employees to work virtually from any location which means that communications is via email, video, phone, and internal messenger.  A profile picture or head-shot will often be required to appear in all forms of communication used so that employees can put a face to a name and improve on the personal connection with the person they are corresponding with.



Share details on the purpose of the headshot and the targeted industry with the photographer so that you can work together on the best look.  Dress for the job that you want, and the image you present in the head-shot should be realistic.  Do some research in advance and take a look at profile pictures and headshots of established professionals for your targeted industry to ensure that your look will align.  For example, a professional actor may have different head-shot requirements than a business executive at a bank.   Some additional tips to consider for outfit planning:

  • Bring multiple outfits to the photo-shoot to capture different looks
  • Choose colours that compliment your skin tone and help bring out the colour in your eyes
  • Have your hair, make-up, and nails done.  Any haircuts should be done at least a week prior
  • Accessorize with jewellery and a watch to provide an accent to the overall look making sure to not go overboard
  • Shirt or blouse is most important as it is most visible in the picture - ensure it is wrinkle free and avoid distracting patterns




If you don't already have a headshot, then the perfect opportunity to get one is now.  A LinkedIn profile is key for every profession and will often appear at the top of search results on the web.  If you already have a professional head-shot, consider updating it:

  1. If you change job industries that requires a different professional look,
  2. Every couple of years to reflect how you currently look, and
  3. To match the platform in which it is being presented.  For example, a headshot that appears on the back of a book you're publishing may require a different look than your LinkedIn profile picture.


Get in touch with Pictonat Photography at hello@pictonat.com to inquire and schedule an appointment to get your headshot updated.


About:  Pictonat Photography is located in Midtown Toronto just south of Yonge and Eglinton.  Nathalie is the owner and photographer and has a passion for delivering images that capture emotions and tell a story with an intimate, contemporary, and fresh feel. Her work is focused on working with people and families of all ages from bump to baby and beyond.

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