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Branding Photography

Authentic visuals:  bringing your brand to life through photography


Luxury Branding Experience

Elevate your brand with the Luxury Branding package.  Enjoy wardrobe styling, a photoshoot, professional make-up, and captivating reels video clips.  Indulge in a full-service experience that showcases our brand's sophistication and style.

Brand Showcase VIP Day

Unveil your brand's essence in our exclusive VIP photography experience.  I'll strategically dive deep into your brand's story, values, and vision to craft captivating visual narratives that elevate your brand's presence.

Brand Refresh Mini-Session Marathon

Refresh your brand quarterly with our shorter yet impactful photography session that take place quarterly.  Tailored for consistent brand rejuvenation, this session fine tunes , ensuring your brand stays authentically captivating.

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Brand Client Showcase

A collection of case studies to showcase the brand photography experience and the tranformation in elevating a brand online.

Headshots and Team Photography

Authentic visuals:  bringing your brand to life through photography

Professional Headshots

Make an impact with professional headshots that resonate authentically with your personal or professional brand.  We specialize in creating compelling headhots that will elevate your online presence with authenticity and confidence.


Team Headshots and Group portraits

Enhance your team's presence and capture the essence of teamwork and professionalism.  With expertly crafted individual headshots and dynamic group photos, we highlight your team's unity.  Contact us to receive a custom quote.

Special Events Photography

Capture the energy and essence of your event, transforming them into lasting memories.  We'll expertly capture the atmosphere, emotions and interactions, preserving the story of your event to leverage for marketing future events.

"Nathalie allowed me to feel excited and supported.  I trust her vision and her ability to get the right shots, with the right energy and story to showcase my personality and brand.  Thanks for a wonderful experience!"

~ Chernell Bartholomew, Vitality Mvmt

Additional Services

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Family Photography

I work with families to capture memories to look back on and cherish for a lifetime.  Book a full family portrait session or a limited edition annual themed mini-sessions: Holiday, Fall, Lavender.  Full sessions are offered in limited quantity on weekends with more availability on weekdays.

Speaker and Guest Appearances

As an expert in business and visual branding, a podcast host, and speaker - I offer valuable insights and perspective shifts that help elevate brands.  Available for bookings that align as a podcast guest, guest speaker, event collaborator.


Mentor and Connector

As a mentor and connections guide, I am passionate about bringing together like minded people together to connect on a deeper level. We aren't meant to do this journey alone.  Join in on upcoming Embrace events with facilitated speed networking + mentoring that will take you beyond the surface level introductions.  Facilitated group masterminds and mentoring spaces coming soon.

All service levels infuse the following key values

Community Impact

We are dedicated to making a positive impact, not just in business but also in our communities. We believe in contributing positively to the world around us.


We prioritize authenticity in everything I do, valuing genuine connections and transparent relationships with our clients and partners.


I embrace innovation, continually seeking creative solutions and pushing boundaries to deliver fresh and impactful results.


We empower our clients to showcase their unique stories and personalities, fostering confidence and authenticity in their brand representation.


Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We believe in working closely with our clients, understanding their vision, and collaboratively bringing their ideas to life.


We are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our services, striving for quality and precision in our craft.  Expect clear communication on next steps and timelines.

Mindful Presence

We approach every interaction, project, and decision with a mindful presence, fostering clarity, focus, and an awareness of the present moment in all aspects of our work.

Soul-Centered Creativity

Our creative process is guided by intuition and a soul-centered approach, allowing us to infuse depth, meaning, and authenticity into every project we undertake.

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