MARCH 2018

I am excited to start a monthly feature in which we get a deeper look into the story behind the session and gain insights into motherhood.  This month features a whimsical spring cake smash to celebrate a one-year birthday.  A busy mom of two shares her insights on being a mom and the inspiration behind the beautiful cake smash theme that she dreamed up and brought to life.  This beautiful theme also contributed to the Mommy & Me Spring mini-session theme coming up in April!

Q1. The theme – how would you describe the selected theme and what inspired you to choose it?  Theme – soft, natural, whimsical to go with a fresh spring feeling (although the warmth hasn’t arrived yet!).  Wanted to have an outdoor natural field kind of look but since it’s still winter, used that as inspiration by using the babies breath to recreate the natural field look indoors.

Q2. Second mat leave – what did you enjoy most and how was it different from your first?  Second mat leave was more relaxing in a sense that I knew what to do and expect.  First one was stressful and all new, however was actually more enjoyable since the second mat leave involved a lot more with two kids (extra curriculars, school lunches, dinners, etc)

spring cake smash

Q3.  How is life with two kids?  Life with two kids is a lot of work but a lot of fun when you get double the hugs and kisses.

Q4.  What are your favourite moments of being a mom?  Favourite moments are when kids give the big hugs and kisses no matter how crazy you get with them.  Hearing the older one say “I love you” even though you just yelled at her.

cake smash toronto

Q5.  Tell me more about the traditional Korean dress your daughter wore.  It is called a HANBOK, the open arms are said to represent the warmth and embrace of the Korean people while the voluminous skirts symbolize space and freedom.  The traditional attire is free-flowing so that’s convenient to wear for any body type.   It is worn for the first birthday celebration where friends and family attend to blesses the child with a prosperous future, it has taken on great significance in Korea.

Cake smashes are a fun way to capture a birthday and some fun family portraits.  It is best to book cake smashes in advance to allow time to plan outfits and themes.  The photos from the session make for a great display at the birthday party too!  I love working with clients to bring their ideas to life or I can surprise you with a design with your preferred colour palette. If you have any questions, please reach out to me anytime hello@pictonat.com.


About:  Pictonat Photography is located in Midtown Toronto, south of Yonge and Eglinton.  Nathalie is owner and photographer with a passion for delivering images that capture emotions and tell a story with an intimate and fresh feel.  Her  area of focus is on families of all ages from bump to baby and beyond.

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