COVID-19 Photo Memory Book - The Isolation Diaries

Introducing the Isolation Diaries photo memory book template. This free printable has been designed to highlight and capture the memories experienced in 'isolation'.

There is also the option to order a digital customized copy populated with your content or a printed soft cover photo-book. All of which also make a great gift for Mother's Day! There are two special pages added to the template especially for Mother's Day!

How do I use the photo-book template?  Populate the template with content, in ONE of the following ways:

  • Print the free printable photo book template and complete the pages. Write directly in the book and attach photos in the spaced indicated.
  • Order a customized digital copy. For $35+HST, have a customized digital copy created for you, populated with your own customized content. Content is provided to me by completing an online questionnaire. Get in touch at to order.
  • Order a customized digital copy + a soft cover photo-book printed. For $85+HST, receive a customized digital copy plus a 8.5x11 soft cover photo-book printed. Get in touch at to order.

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