PICTONAT PHOTOGRAPHY HOLIDAY PHOTO TIPSIf you’re feeling overwhelmed with the holiday hustle and bustle, you’re not alone. It all passes by so fast, making it easy to forget to capture the moment on camera. Before you know it, it’s 2019! Here are some tips for capturing holiday memories with your loved ones this season.


Prepare in advance: Have your camera ready with batteries charged and a memory card. It’s simple but so necessary! I have reached for the camera one time to realize that the memory card was still in my computer.


Tell a story: It helps to take a moment to list out some of the special moments you’d like to capture so that your images tell a story and so you’re not taking photos of every single moment. Focus on capturing special moments and traditions which often aren’t posed. Here are some ideas: decorating the tree, meal prep, opening presents, holiday meal at the table, close up shots of ‘details’ (holiday décor, presents, favourite ornaments, holiday art projects), pets under the tree or playing with Christmas decorations, and laughter!


Capture laughter: Moments of laughter bring out the most candids of smiles that are full of expression! This can be a candid moment or triggered with a tickle or funny noise. In my sessions, I will often prompt families to look at each other and laugh. Try it out!


Variety of perspectives: Shoot at kid level to see what they see and also shoot from above to get an overall view of the excitement (ie. ripping open presents, playing with toys) with a ‘behind the scenes’ feel. Create depth by shooting through objects.


Relax and have fun! If you are the one taking the photos, be sure to put yourself in front of the camera too. Be open to capturing all emotions, not just happy ones. For posed or group shots, it can be hard to have everyone looking at the same time and even harder to have children sit still and that’s ok! It is still a beautiful moment to just have everyone together. Consider making it a fun photo by purposefully having everyone laugh out loud, look at each other, perhaps tickle the kids to get some laughs, or for everyone to say a funny word


Lastly, know when to put the camera down so that you can enjoy the moment too. I hope these tips help you capturing some magical moments this holiday season!



About:  Pictonat Photography is located in Midtown Toronto, south of Yonge and Eglinton.  Nathalie Amlani is owner and photographer with a passion for delivering images that capture emotions and tell a story with an intimate and fresh feel.  Her  area of focus is on families of all ages from bump to baby and beyond.

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