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Branding photoshoots can be used in so many different ways. Here are a few ways my clients have used their branding photos to help elevate their business and stand out online.

Dr. Dina Kulik

Dr. Dina Kulik uses images from our branding shoots as the cover of her two books, across her website to put a face to her brand, and on social media.

These photos are branded consistently across all platforms!

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Peachy Fit by Ania

Ania of Peachy Fit uses her photos across her website in different formats to help bring personality and a face to her brand.

The images are used consistently on social media and in creative graphics to provide tips and promote classes and upcoming events resulting in - deepening connection with followers, audience growth, and business expansion.

Dee Boswell-Buck Creative

"From start to finish, Nathalie asked questions, guided me on how to prepare and made the photo session a delightful experience. The images speak to what I do and they really show my personality.

I highly recommend that you not only reach out to Nathalie Amlani for photos that embrace who you are as a business owner…I also suggest that you book your session with her today!"

How Dee uses her images:  on her website, podcast, social media, LinkedIn banners, marketing and promotion of events.

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Erin Dean Williams Design

"There are so many reason my family and I keep going back to Pictonat. Her attention to detail, and ability to bring out the absolute best photos in people is extremely hard to find in a photographer. And my branding photos give my business that next level professionalism and branding shoots with Nathalie are the best!"

How Erin uses her brand photos:  on her website, social media, LinkedIn banners, marketing and promotion of events.


Funkins is an award winning e-commerce brand creating eco-friendly, reusable products that make mealtime more fun for busy parents and kids!

Together in a Brand Builder day, we captured imagery that reflects the brand's vision and mission.

The photos are used across their website, across e-commerce platforms, social channels, and in the media like magazine covers.


The Good Partnership

For The Good Partnership and founder, Cindy Wagman, we captured imagery that can be used in various different ways! This includes on the back of Cindy's bestselling book, to promote webinars and events, on the cover of her podcast, social media channels, and on their website.

Healthy Moms Toronto

Healthy Moms is a community focused on curating selections of natural, health-focused and eco-friendly businesses.

They use the images we captured on their website, in their Facebook community of 20k+ people, on social media, on banners and marketing materials used for events, and in monthly newsletters.


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She’s Newsworthy Media

She’s Newsworthy Media was founded in 2015 and is Canada’s go-to resource for women entrepreneurs who want to get massive exposure for their businesses on TV.

They use their photos to deepen their connection with their audience and tell effective stories, through social media, newsletters, presentation decks, and their website.

The Vitality MVMT

Chernell of The Vitality MVMT uses her branding photoshoot photos across her website and social media platforms to help bring a community of like-minded individuals to come together!

She often makes guest appearances on podcasts, summits, community groups and her images are used in her bio and in her presentation decks.

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