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Create the Business of Your Dreams

Focal Tangent:  Perspectives That Shift podcast emphasizes innovative, positive, and disruptive ideas that bring your brand to the next level.

Each episode brings you though leadership and impactful conversations in all areas of business, branding, and mindset growth.

Be inspired by unique stories of experience and grit that led to unexpected paths to an abundance of success.

Join me as I share in-depth insights and practical strategies that will empower high-achievers, coaches, and entrepreneurs like you to unlock your full potential.

Get ready to fuel your growth, redefine success, and make your mark.  Let's dive in!


Latest Episodes

Episode 1: The Five Lessons Learned in Entrepreneurship as I Celebrate my 40th Birthday!

Episode #1: The Five Lessons Learned in Entrepreneurship as I Celebrate my 40th Birthday! Welcome to the very first episode of the podcast! This week, I dive into the purpose and intention behind the name of the podcast, as well …

Episode 1: The Five Lessons Learned in Entrepreneurship as I Celebrate my 40th Birthday! Read More »

Oh hello there!

Hi, I'm your host Nathalie Amlani, and in my years of business and entrepreneurship, I've learned a thing or two! I'm a brand strategist, photographer, soulful entrepreneur, and visual storyteller.  I love a great brand and capturing businesses in action however, what has always stuck with me is the uniqueness in every story and brand. 

This podcast brings to life the vision of having a hub of curated experiences and information that enables powerful growth as a collective.  Where entrepreneurs, aspiring business owners and leaders come to tune in, contribute, align with their passions, and be inspired by unique perspectives that shift.



"Branding in itself is a HUGE umbrella of different possibilities and paths that you can take your brand and it can be overwhelming and I want to help navigate that.  No matter how you’re feeling at the point of listening to this, know that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.   Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost."

~ Nathalie Amlani, Podcast Host

What listeners are saying...

Inspiring and powerful messages!

Nathalie is such an inspiration both personally and professionally. I absolutely love following her journey and also being inspired by the stories of all the guest speakers. The authenticity and vulnerability that each women bring to the conversation is so uplifting and I learn new applications I can practice in my own life and work. What stood out the most for me was to focus on the progress, not perfection. I am looking forward to what perspectives the next episodes will bring!

~Mee-lee R

Nathalie is the REAL DEAL!

I absolutely love everything Nathalie does. From her brand, to her photography and all she teaches and educates on. I’m so happy she has put this podcast together so we can hear real stories from real entrepreneurs. Thank you Nathalie!!

~Simona Costantini


Learn and Be Inspired

You will love this podcast! Nathalie authentically connects the power and ‘magic’ of storytelling, mindset, and brand strategy through her personal reflections and conversations with her guests. You will feel inspired in your own business and will truly have a shift in your perspective!

~Tiana Fech



"There is only one of you, and that's what makes you unique."

~ Nathalie Amlani

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