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Episode #16: How Couples Can Survive and Thrive in the Busiest of Times with Allison Villa

Your busy season is approaching… your heart beats faster, it feels as though there are less minutes in a day to get things done, to prepare, it’s showtime… but wait, you haven’t had a chance to connect with your partner or your family… "there will be time... when things get less busy…", by then there may be tears, frustration, yelling.   Does this feel familiar?   This is my storyline on repeat and guess what? There's a way that couples can survive and thrive in the busiest of times.  

I’m so excited to welcome Allison Villa, Psychotherapist + Relationship Expert, creator of The 4 Relationship Seasons-, and host of the Couplehood podcast.   We learn about how to apply the 4 Relationship Seasons lean into her expertise on helping couples remain healthy during peak periods in business… and during uncertain and stressful times such as a pandemic.

Allison's honest approach to parents in love has impacted couples, and families, worldwide. As a wife and mother, she understands how raising a family affects the romantic relationship and the challenges that modern parents face. With Allison’s virtual therapy practice, and online offerings, this keepin-it-real-mama combines her personal and professional experience to teach busy couples how to stay connected, to have clear communication, and to build an intentional life for their family. Her mission is to build a movement of parents-in-love, because how you love each other today, will love on through your kids, and in generations to come.


"When you know the season you're in, it really helps with relationships.  You realize how simple it is to change your expectations."   ~ Allison Villa, Psychotherapist + Relationship Expert


Episode Highlights:

  • Allison’s personal story of recovering perfectionist meets motherhood
  • The inspiration behind Allison’s brand vibe and the evolution of her personal brand
  • The 4 Relationship Seasons: what they are, why every couple goes through them, and why naming them is empowering and provides clarity/direction
  • Tips for entrepreneurs for managing expectations in relationships during the coping season
  • How couples can survive and thrive during the peaks and valleys of the entrepreneurial journey
  • Recommendations for couples on how to deal with periods of uncertainty
  • The breakdown of Allison’s marriage that led to a breakthrough


"Take that time to fill your own cup. You aren't able to show up in your relationship with clients or with people in your business or with your romantic relationships or with your kids, unless you are filled up first. When you are filled up, it means that you have more tools to handle uncertainty when it comes."  ~ Allison Villa, Psychotherapist + Relationship Expert


Thank you Allison for sharing your story and unique perspectives that shift!

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