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Episode #2:  From Burnout to Breakthrough:  Becoming a Fearless Leader

This week on the podcast, I chat with Ashleigh Frankel to talk about self compassion and becoming a fearless leader.


At the heart of Ashleigh’s mission is the belief that nourishing our whole selves fuels our greatest potential.  To go forward, we must first go inward.

She is a certified transformational leadership coach, applied mindfulness expert, keynote speaker and meditation teacher, and has helped hundreds of individuals, teams and organizations grow their capacity for sustainable well-being and resilience through heart-led leadership, so they can thrive in all areas of life.

Ashleigh has a special gift for empowering women, guiding them back home to themselves with The Inner Work Method, an integrative process of self-rediscovery that empowers women to remember who they are, dust themselves off and harness their innate wisdom.

Ashleigh’s work is founded on a powerful blend of good science (from the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness and neuroscience), ancient wisdom traditions + her own personal journey.

Previously a lawyer, Ashleigh hit burnout and overwhelm.

In her burnout came her breakthrough. Fuelled by a science-backed + soul-centred purpose, Ashleigh has created a “greenhouse” for human flourishing for both private clients and as co-founder of The WiseMind Co. Using an integrated approach that draws on her expertise in mindfulness, meditation, positive psychology and neuroscience, her workshops, retreats and coaching programs have helped others return to wholeness, and navigate their lives and transitions with greater clarity, ease and joy.

“Self-compassion really is about self caring. And when we're self-caring, we're creating an internal environment within us that feels safe. So when we're beating ourselves up, we're perpetuating that fear state.” - Ashleigh Frankel, Co-Founder of The WiseMind Co.

In this episode:

  • How to move through fear
  • The science behind transforming fear
  • Tips to building lasting self compassion
  • Knowing your inner critic vs. your inner ally


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