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Episode #25: Scaling to a 7-Figure Business with Rebecca Lane

When I dreamed of starting my own business, I imagined a store.  When I started my photography business, I operated out of my home studio, in my basement.  Yes, we transformed a portion of our house where families would come for photoshoots.  My home studio is now closed and I now do photoshoots on-location such as outdoors or at the client site, or rent studio photography studio space by hour/day.  Do I desire to have my own location?  Yes!  Will it help me scale and grow my business?  I’m sure it will!  Is it possible?  YES!

If you desire to have a brick and mortar business and gain perspective on how to scale your business to a 7-figure business, this episode is for you.   I’m so excited to welcome to the show today Rebecca Lane, founder and Director of Lane School of Music and Rebecca Lane Coaching who has scaled and grown her brick and mortar business to a 7 figure business.

"People relate to people.  They don't relate to a color or to a logo or in music."   ~ Rebecca Lane, Lane School of Music

About Rebecca:

Driven by her commitment to music education, Rebecca Lane has acquired both respect and demand for her skills in and around the GTA. Her extensive training in violin performance began in her hometown of Hampton, New Brunswick, and took her to Memorial University in St. John's, Newfoundland where she completed her Bachelor of Music in violin performance under the tutelage of Nancy Dahn.

In 2007, Rebecca relocated to Toronto where she earned an Artist's Diploma in orchestral training at the Glenn Gould School. In 2010, Ms. Lane founded Upper Beaches Violin Studio with a few private students in her home. Since that time, the school has grown in size and strength in the community with additional teachers, instruments, and group class offerings.  When she is not teaching, Rebecca enjoys reading, baking and spending time with her husband and children.

Episode Highlights:

  • Rebecca’s journey to entrepreneurship from teaching in her home with a handful of students to leading a thriving 7-figure multi-location brick and mortar business with over 600 students
  • The math of getting started with a brick and mortar business
  • The key success factors that helped scale her business
  • How shifts in mindset shifts helped in making aligned decisions
  • Advice for effective goal setting and why it’s essential for thinking big
  • Lessons learned that led to successful breakthroughs
  • Tips for showcasing your personal brand and how it deepens connection and trust


Thank you Rebecca for sharing your transformational story and unique perspectives that shift!


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