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Episode #27: Customer Engagement Methods That Have The Highest Consumer Responses With Cheryl Mason

Customer relationship management is a key process that helps us grow our business, make improvements, facilitate the process of making decisions of where the company will go, and strengthen the relationship with our clients.   What customer engagement methods have the highest responses from consumers and how do we get started?  You’re about to find out in today’s episode with special guest Cheryl Mason, founder of the Business Within CRM.

About Cheryl:

Cheryl has been an innovator and motivative since birth, so naturally ending up in a Masters of Business aligned. Additionally her passion for health pulled her to becoming a health provider for over 15 years.  Wanting to make a positive impact within the health industry within preventative health education Cheryl started her career as a Entrepreneur in 2010, which evolved from remote in person and online services to a multi disciplinary 5500 sq ft Clinic. Having over 15 years of having a profession focused on client centred care, over 18 years within different customer services roles and over 10 years of executive positions crafting the art of customer engagement to grow businesses has fueled Cheryl's love for Customer Relations Management.  The Business Within CRM is how she serves businesses that want to marry their culture-brand to how they engage with their customers. It is Cheryl's priority that your customers feel valued, that all of their interactions with your business are fostered into the growth & longevity of your business. If you want the most loyal customers possible you want to connect with Cheryl.

Episode Highlights:

  • Understanding the big picture of ‘Customer Relationship Management’ CRM and how to get started
  • Customer engagements trends to explore and execute with the highest responses
  • Tips for mapping out the customer lifecycle, journey and value for strategic planning of touch-points
  • Understanding customer lifetime value and how to enrich the bond between each customer

The inside scoop -  the trends to explore as we head into the new year are: 

  • Text messaging engagement
  • QR barcodes - having an impactful image, statement that resonates with the audience… can text or email or mail with QR barcode that they can scan to get a private discount, bonus, video.  Example instructions on how to use the product
  • Nominating and sharing where people can vote
  • Mentorship program or accountability where people buddy up
  • How consumers should use the product after they're done… extending the life of the service/product
  • Creating a mobile App for your business


Thank you Cheryl for sharing your transformational story and unique perspectives that shift!

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