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Episode #32: Tips for Reclaiming Your Energy and Making Habits Stick with Chernell Bartholomew

In today’s show, I am excited to speak to special guest and Energy Coach, Chernell Bartholomew, about how to reclaim your energy and make habits stick.

Chernell is a mom of 3 beautiful girls, a Certified Health Coach, A Ritz-Carlton Award winning Registered Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer. She is your Vitality Coach!  Her focus is making moms feel amazing in their body by helping them discover vibrant energy. Helping moms decrease pain & stress and nourish their unique mind & body so they can live a confident and limitless life. She believes health & wellness is not about quick fixes or deprivation but small habits and Progress over Perfection Every Damn Day! Her clients lose weight but most importantly they learn strategies for real long term success in health, business & life!

It's time to crush these goals & habits once & for all!  Motivation is great but it fades, and new habits take time and planning to become solid lifestyle changes.  So how do we really commit to make these new & improved habits LAST?

In this episode, Chernell tells her brand story and how she started her business and then shares her top tips for reclaiming your energy and making habits stick.

Energy is not created or destroyed.  It's always there, it just changes form.   ~Chernell Bartholomew, Energy Coach

Episode highlights:

  • Start small - Break your goal into manageable chunks. Small tasks to do each day, week.
  • Make it easy and enjoyable - You have to also enjoy the process, not just the outcome
  • Have a visual tracker - So you can see that check mark or gold star each day & feel accomplishment
  • Focus on what you Want, not what you don't want - You want to eat More veggies at each meal. You want Energy, Clarity

The very most important part of this process is the belief that you can become this better version of yourself. We have one life and one body, you deserve to feel amazing!


Tune into the full episode for the complete list of tips from Chernell, her energy is truly infectious!


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