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Episode #33: Reasons Why CEO Days Help Entrepreneurs Be More Effective In Business and Life with Ashley Kang

Today I’m diving into CEO days.  I have a CEO day philosophy that is to take a day where the owner focuses on their own business, working ON their business with no client meetings or engagement, the day is for your business to move the needle.  You may be wondering, what is a CEO day, why is it important and how do you structure it… well, I have good news for you, I have special guest Ashley Kang, business strategist and CEO of AHK Business Management and she’s going to spill the tea on CEO Days for your business.

About Ashley Kang:

“A real life Hermione Granger” is a tagline used frequently to describe Ashley.  She’s been organizing, planning, and managing everything from a young age, from alphabetizing her personal library to coordinating group projects, to always having a to-do list and up-to-date planner.

During the early years of her career, Ashley spent time working in customer service and client management, juggling grad school and working as an event and client coordinator. She completed her masters in public policy and administration at Northwestern University before spending several years working as a project and policy manager at one of the largest higher education institutions in Illinois. During this time she used her skills in planning and strategy to directly support the board of trustees in areas of policy and project planning and implementation.

The pandemic pushed her to make the leap to be full time in her business, AHK Business Management, where she helps service providers stuck in the overwhelm and chaos of their own ideas. She loves helping her clients set direction and prioritize their action steps so they can move forward with confidence.

When she’s not working with clients, Ashley loves quilting, kayaking, and puttering around in the garden. And in true Hermione Granger form, a book is never too far away.

Episode Highlights:

  • What is a CEO day how it can help entrepreneurs be more effective in business and life
  • Tips for design your own CEO day and how to hold yourself accountable
  • How to implement a CEO day that transforms your business
  • Recommendations on frequency how to optimize your CEO day for success
  • Getting started with a CEO day and incorporating it into your routine


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