High performance leadership for Sustainable Scaling and Business Growth with Dinah Hampson

Episode #44: High performance leadership for Sustainable Scaling and Business Growth with Dinah Hampson

One day… I dream of having my own business, with flexibility in my schedule, making my desired income… having a team, and becoming well known and big!.... Reality is… anything is possible.  The journey along the way isn’t always smooth but that’s with intention.  The bumps in the road are lessons and tests to help us continuously expand.  What you imagine now may look a lot different later… today we’re going to dive into stepping into high performance leadership for Sustainable Scaling and Business Growth with Dinah Hampson, founder, and CEO of Pivot Sport Medicine and Orthopedics.


“Little raindrops make lasting ripples.”  Dinah Hampson


About Dinah:  

Dinah completed her B.A. in Health Studies at Queen’s University and B.Sc. in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto. Her passion for Sport Physio led her to active membership in Sport Physio Canada, acquisition of her Sport Physio Diploma and her International Sports Physiotherapist qualification. Dinah holds the Diploma of Manual &; Manipulative Therapy, multiple clinical certifications, and is an examiner for new Sport Physio candidates.

Dinah trained in classical ballet, danced with a Young Dancer’s Company, and in Musical Theatre productions. Dinah regularly assesses and treats dancers from professional dance companies and associated training programs as well as community/competitive dancers.

Dinah founded Pivot Sport Medicine in 2003, 15 years later founding Pivot Dancer. Due to her years of classical ballet training, she brings a technical eye to her treatment of dancers and artistic athletes.  Dinah, with Pivot Dancer, consults with clinicians and dancers worldwide. 

Dinah is committed to education; since 2000 she has held a status faculty position at the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy. Dinah is honoured that students have nominated her for the teaching and mentorship awards she has received.

Dinah is passionate about enjoying every day to the best of its potential and is happiest using her knowledge to promote high performance in others.


Episode Highlights:

  • How Dinah founded her thriving businesses Pivot Sport and Pivot Dancer
  • Expert recommendations on stepping  into high performance leadership
  • Why it’s important to really know everything about your business 
  • How to recognize the potential opportunity in every choice you make
  • Key lessons learned from the journey to achieving sustainable scaling the business growth


“Do something you enjoy. Life is too short to be tired, angry and disappointed.” ~ Dinah Hampson


Thanks, Dinah for sharing your zone of genius on high performance leadership for Sustainable Scaling and Business Growth, this episode will truly shift your perspective.


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