Prepared to Partner - Being Ready For YES Moments with Amelia Roberts

Episode #45: Prepared to Partner - Being Ready For YES Moments with Amelia Roberts

One of the key ways to grow your business and expand your reach is through partnerships and collaboration.  Yes, a lot of it has to do with relationship building but time is precious and we want to make sure that we’re taking on the right opportunities and that we’re prepared to make it a fruitful relationship on both sides.  One of my key values is community and connection and I am so happy to dive deeper into this space with today’s topic ‘Prepared to partner - being ready for YES moments with Amelia Roberts, Business Development Advisor and Collaboration Consultant.


About Amelia:

Amelia is a registered nurse by trade who fell in love with marketing and sales (it turns out the process for each matched her expertise with scientific methods perfectly).

Amelia's almost 20 years in healthcare and 6 years in business have proven that most challenges with advancing in a career or business result from:

  1. A) a story that is not being told
  2. B) a collaboration that is not happening
  3. C) both A and B

Now, alongside other hats, individuals and teams hire Amelia to regain control of their day, quarter, or year with the RIGHT collaborations.

When she is not teaching leaders how to do less marketing while making more impact by developing relationships at scale, Amelia enjoys spending time on #teamnap as well as planning both real and imagined food tours.


Episode Highlights:

  • How to go after the collaborations that will help your business grow
  • How to know when to say yes or no to a collaboration opportunity
  • Examples of collaborations for your business: podcasts, panels, virtual summits, sponsorship, a book to give (swag), masterminds, referral partners, affiliates
  • Setting expectations
  • Being ready to receive using the SCALE framework
  • Using the BOND framework:  Browse, Observe, Nurture, Deliver
  • Questions to consider when seeking collaborations:  Why you, Why them? Why now?


Quote:  “Ask for what we want and be prepared to receive.”  Maya Angelou


Thanks, Amelia for sharing your zone of genius for how to launch and create copy that converts, this episode will truly shift your perspective.


Grab the Scale with Sanity guide that shares an easier and simpler way to grow your audience while preserving your well-being. 


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