Embracing the pause: A year of growth and renewal

Episode #47: Embracing Inner Transformation: A Year of Growth and Renewal with Nathalie Amlani

In this episode, the podcast host discusses a year-long hiatus from her podcast, 'The Focal Tangent:  Perspectives That Shift.’' A retreat in Costa Rica provided a profound emotional shift that led her to take an intentional pause from her work to concentrate on personal matters.

During this time, she experienced various emotions like grief, vulnerability, sadness, renewal, and inner strength. She discusses how her pause resulted in positive outcomes for her business and personal life, emphasizing the importance of self-care, decluttering and the power of vulnerability.

Towards the end, she emphasizes the importance of discussing mental health in improving overall wellbeing and promises to bring fresh content on the podcast that revolves around inner growth and transformation.

00:00 Introduction and Welcome Back

00:22 The Unplanned Break and Its Impact

02:40 Emotional Journey: Grief, Vulnerability, and Sadness

05:02 Renewal, Inner Strength, and Advocacy

07:15 The Power of Decluttering and Energy Shift

09:11 Strengthening Intuition and Inner Knowing

10:08 The Transformation and Renewed Self

10:51 The Importance of Mental Health Conversations

11:46 Embracing the Deep and the Darkness

12:13 The Way Forward: Fresh Content and Connections


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About the Podcast Host:

Hi, I'm your host Nathalie Amlani, a brand strategist, photographer, soulful entrepreneur, and visual storyteller.  I help female entrepreneurs look and feel amazing online.  Imagine creating a strong personal brand that authentically deepens the connection with your audience and leads to an increase in business revenue and joy (yes, that's what help do!).  I value community and this podcast brings to life the vision of having a hub of curated experiences and information that enables powerful growth as a collective.

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