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Gathering the family for your photos is exciting but it can get stressful when we think, “Well, what are we all going to wear!” There’s pressure to coordinate or match, and find pieces that everyone is happy with. I’m here to save the day because I bet you all have pieces in your closet that work seamlessly together!

This post isn’t strict rules for you to follow but rather a guide of tips that I know work from my experience photographing hundreds of families. 

Whether it be for your next outdoor, indoor, holiday, or Family day photoshoot, use these tips to have the best and most long-lasting photos!

Indoor Photoshoots

Build Colour Palettes

Have fun with basic colours, neutrals, and classic colours! This doesn’t necessarily mean you and your family have to match exactly to one another, but making colour palettes that are in sync.

Select colours that you love, that compliment your skin tone and hair and bring out the eyes. Some palette ideas:

  • Mustards, beiges, and whites with an accent of burgundy, burnt orange, navy, or dark green
  • Navy, white, grey, with accents of coral, aqua, teal, or red
  • White, grey, black with a colourful accent colour
  • Denim bottoms with tops in similar colour palette

Avoid Prints and Logos

Like I mentioned in my blog post about what to wear to your next branding photoshoot, prints and logos can be distracting from the dynamic and essence of your family. Stick to solids that enhance your family’s spirit and reflect your energy!

Get Pampered

Ladies: Get dolled up by doing your hair, nails, and make-up (natural but slightly heavier than normal).
Men:  Plan haircuts a week before the session and empty pockets to avoid any bulking.

Think of the Occasion

Is there a special holiday or occasion you are doing the photoshoot for? This can be a great guide to figuring out what to wear for your family’s next photoshoot! Holiday family photos are a common example where you can take the festive holiday colours and pieces and bring it into your photos.

P.S. Don't forget clean shoes to match your outfit and occasion as they will show in the photos!

Back-Up Outfits for Children

Feel free to bring a back-up outfit for young children as accidents do happen.


Outdoor Photoshoots

Most elements of outdoor photoshoots will be the same as your indoor photoshoot. But, keep in mind the following when planning your outfits as well.


Any comfortable shoes for outdoors that you love and are ok on areas with small rocks and grass.


Dressing in layers will help in being comfortable in slight fluctuations in temperature. If you prefer portraits without a jacket, be sure to bring along a large reusable bag (for example the large blue Ikea one) to easily throw your jackets and other garments into as needed during the photoshoot and for quick access to put them on again to get warm.

  • Light Blanket (optional): Bring along a throw blanket in your favourite colour that you can wrap up in to keep warm while walking around during the shoot or waiting for portions of the group to be photographed. **It can also be used in photos to either sit on or for cozy cuddling shots!
  • Tissues: Noses may get red and runny during outdoor photoshoots, tissues quickly save the day!
  • View details on the fashion colour trends of the 2022 seasons here!
  • As always, a back up outfit for the little one(s)!

Capture Your Style

Finally, get to know what your little ones feel best in and how they would like to express their style. Try incorporating those pieces they love in their outfit so they also feel excited and happy to be in the family photoshoot!


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