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Do you ever wonder what goes on before, during, and after a full day photoshoot for a brand for kids? I’m here to break down and share all the highlights from my photoshoot for Funkins!

Funkins is a brand I've worked with for many years. I first captured their brand when they first carried 4 unique product types. Now they've grown and expanded to carry 9 unique products, all in 19 different patterns, from lunch bags, bamboo dish sets, placemats, ice packs, and many more (that’s over 100 products!). I’ve loved not only photographing their brand year after year, but also growing with the brand and seeing their visions come to life. It’s amazing seeing how brand photography also plays a role in the growth of the brand!

As part of my brand builder experience for my clients, I have a 5-step Brand Builder framework which is a unique and customized process for a branding photoshoot that converts. It takes the brand through a process of discovery and execution so that you end with visuals so that you end with visuals so that your clients get to know, like and trust you. It also provides you the best experience from start to finish and beyond. 

Here’s what that looked like for Funkins!

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Step 1: Research & Discovery

Together with Funkins, we discussed and established the goal of this photoshoot. What are the brand vibes? What’s the aesthetic? What story do we want to tell? Who’s our target audience? How will the photos be used? Once we’ve answered these questions, we’re ready for our next step which is…  For Funkins, their target audience is parents and caregivers with young kids.

Step 2: Strategic Planning

Time to plan the photoshoot day where the magic happens! In this step, we are deciding on our shoot locations - sometimes this is a studio, outdoors, or a client’s own space. For this photoshoot, we decided to separate the day into two parts: the first part outside, and the second in a kitchen photoshoot studio. Once we have the setting, we call and book any other helping hands to set from models, food stylists, and assistants to support on the day of the photoshoot! 

We then make a few lists for the day of the photoshoot. First, we need a detailed shot list so we don’t miss any key shots. Next, we make a prop list with any items we need to bring on the photoshoot day. Finally, we create a scheduled breakdown of how every minute will be spent during our time together. I make sure to print everything out to have it easily accessible on hand during the day of the photoshoot.  Everyone participating in the photoshoot is then provided with direction on how to prepare, what to bring, and what to expect on the photoshoot day.

Step 3: The Photoshoot Day

The big day has arrived - the day of the photoshoot! Though for our case, we did have some worries with rain in the forecast, we felt prepared as we planned an indoor shoot as well but also back-up plans (always have a back-up plan for outdoor shoots!) Luckily, the rain held up for us and we got all the shots we wanted.

The photoshoot itself was positive energy all around as we were prepared from the strategic planning phase: everyone arrived at their schedule timeslot, we were following our detailed schedule, crossing off points in our shot list, and the kids were happily munching on snacks from our food stylist in between!


Step 4: Review & Selection

Once the photoshoot is done, it’s my turn to keep working my magic. I’ll go through every single photo (sometimes this can be hundreds and hundreds of photos!), make my selections, and start the editing process. Once all the photos have been fine tuned and perfected, I upload them to an online gallery and send them off to the client for their final selection. In this case, Funkins wanted the full package and selected the entire gallery for their brand!

Step 5: Visual Content Plan

Now that Funkins has their entire gallery, we go over all the ways they will use them. 

This includes…

  • Social media
  • Press (magazines, newspapers, online publications)
  • Their website
  • E-commerce channels like Amazon
  • Any marketing assets

These photoshoots have been useful in creating partnerships and collaborations with other businesses who share the same audience. The images also help them get published in magazines and sometimes, also help in getting recognition for the product and winning awards for them!

The Brand Builder Experience is the easiest way to experience a customized photoshoot that gives you months and months of photos to tell your story and help your business grow. That’s exactly what we achieved with Funkins. Now, the brand is set for all their content needs over the coming months with a gallery of visual assets for the marketing and social media team to use.

This is a process I've honed in on after working on dozens and dozens of photoshoots. I project manage and hold your hand through the entire process so that you feel excited and assured that you're going to have a fun experience that will lead you to photos that you'll want to share. 

If you want to hear more to make a decision for your own brand, my lines are always open for a conversation! Book a free discovery call with me to learn more.


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