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Episode #10: Growing and Scaling a Service and Product Based Business in Purpose and Flow with Giovanna Aiello

What does scaling your business look like to you?  Where do you want your business to be in one year, three years, or even five years?


In this week’s podcast, I’m so excited to chat with my friend Giovanna Aiello about how she scaled and grew her business by relaunching her service based business, Mindful Mommy and launching a brand new product, Mumdies.


Gio’s mission is to put moms first. This is the foundation and ethos of both her companies.


In 2017, Giovanna started her first company Mindful Mommy Doula & Birth Photography Services. Her team at Mindful Mommy has attended hundreds of births and supported hundreds of women.


"Meditation is what led me to follow my passion of being a doula. It allowed me to quiet down enough to actually hear myself and see the signs that the universe was giving me." - Giovanna Aiello


In this episode:

  • How meditation and mindfulness sparked her entrepreneurship path
  • How she built her brand identity 
  • Why it was essential to scale her business and how she did it
  • How Mumdies came to life
  • Tips to reset your sleep cycle  


Giovanna spends her days and nights as a birth and postpartum doula, supporting women through their most vulnerable moments. After supporting so many women for so many years this is how the creation of Mumdies came to be. 


Her story and grit provides perspectives that will shift your thinking on the possibilities to scale and grow your dream business.


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