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Episode #14: Enriching Your Mindset for High Performance & Growth with Tanya Thomson, Founder of RYSE

Did you know that affirmations are a part of your toolkit to help with your mindset, keeping you positive and helping with building confidence? True story. I’m so excited to welcome special guest Tanya Thomson to chat about enriching your mindset for high performance and growth… in business and in life.  This episode will truly shift your perspective.


About Tanya:

Tanya is the founder of RYSE; a business built out of necessity, both for herself but also for the struggles that we as women go through.

As a Marketer in the corporate world, Tanya had a successful career, working for big brands like RBC, Air Canada, AT&T, Kraft Heinz, the list goes on. When she went on mat leave, she thought she'd return in 9 months and pick-up exactly where she  left off. That clearly was not the case. Her former employer filled her role, leaving her unemployed. Less than two weeks later COVID-19 hit.

The months to follow were an emotional roller coaster, from being forced to sell their condo & move in with her parents, to figuring out what she was going to do with her life. After a year of soul searching she found that her story was very similar to many other women; though the words are different the storyline is always the same. Women feeling unworthy, undervalued and underappreciated.

This is why we need to make changes. So, with that thought, RYSE was born.  RYSE strives to empower all women through positive affirmations and every day reminders; we provide the tools to enrich your mindset.


“There's definitely a parallel between what athletes do and what strong businesses do and that is putting up their blinders and focusing on what they're good at.  Just getting down to business as opposed to looking around and being distracted by everything else.” ~ Tanya Thomson


Episode Highlights:

  • [03:08] How Tanya created her own opportunity with the creation of her company Ryse
  • [08:21] Insights on the parallels between the determination and grit of athletes to high performance in business
  • [11:56] How happiness and success are correlated 
  • [14:24] The four categories of the Ryse Affirmation cards and how it empowers and speaks to people on different days
  • [18:43] Experience a live card reading
  • [21:26] How consistency is key for forming habits and enriching your mindset
  • [26:12]  Tips for leaning into being open and vulnerable 
  • [31:16]  The power of looking at challenges as new opportunities


Look at challenges as opportunities for new beginnings. ~Tanya Thomson, Ryse 


This episode will truly shift your perspective.


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