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Episode #15: Creating a Website That Sells and Attracts Your Dream Client with Erin Dean Williams

A website is essential for your business growth, think of it like a virtual business card, a virtual storefront where visitors can enter and browse and get to know you, your product, your service.  How can you get them to stay a while longer?  How can you get them to BUY?  This is one of my favourite topics to dive into because I see the impact that websites can make and that professional brand photos can make on a website.  In today’s episode we dive into how to create a website that sells, that will attract your dream client with special guest Erin Dean Williams, website designer and brand strategist for entrepreneurs.


Erin Dean Williams is a leading website designer and brand strategist  for entrepreneurs. She has had the honor of designing for big corporate clients at some of the top digital agencies in the world, including Critical Mass, Haavas, Kobo, and more. And while all that experience was amazing, she found her real purpose and passion when she started serving entrepreneurs. When she started freelance designing in 2017, she realized that there were so many small to medium business owners that needed her help. They had no idea how to level up their brands or even how to control or create websites that would actually make them money. Now 5 years later she’s helped dozens of entrepreneurs create drool worthy brands and websites that increase revenue and standout. She’s  helped her clients transform their branding to attract the clients they love to serve.


You want that one-liner or headline at the top of the page, because you only have five seconds to really engage people that land on your website.  You want that top part of your website to tell people what it is you do and how you can help them and have a call to action to either book a call with you or buy your product or buy your service. ~ Erin Dean Williams


Episode Highlights:

  • [3:08] The story of how Erin became an entrepreneur
  • [8:49]  Why a website is essential for portraying your brand vibe and for business growth
  • [10:48]  Tips for designing a website that sells
  • [15:15]  How to be strategic and intentional with the content on your website or blog and why it matters 
  • [18:21]  Ways to effectively manage your website and mistakes to avoid


… creating your website and your content strategy is an opportunity to go back to the roots of why you started your business…. ~ Erin Dean Williams


Stay tuned for Erin’s upcoming online course, a Brand Accelerator for Coaches, launching in September.


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