Brand Protection and Trademarks with Cynthia Mason

Episode #17: Brand Protection and Trademarks with Cynthia Mason

You’ve invested in your brand, thought of a name… the colours, the website domain… there’s time, heart, and passion that goes into it.  And it’s important to protect your brand because reality is, someone else can have the same thing too!  Even naming this podcast, I went through weeks of research to pick a name that I can protect, that is unique but also aligned to who I am.  Today we’re going to dive into the very important topic of brand protection and trademarks with special guest Cynthia Mason, a Canadian lawyer and trademark agent.  I met Cynthia in a women’s entrepreneur group and she has educated and helped many entrepreneurs on trademarking for business.

Cynthia Mason is a Canadian lawyer and trademark agent with a passion for helping businesses arm themselves with the information and tools necessary to protect their brands from copycats. Over the span of her 20-year legal career, she has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies to protect their names, logos and taglines from theft and misuse.

Cynthia is also a legal innovator and has developed an online platform for registering and monitoring trademarks, making professional brand protection accessible for entrepreneurs and small businesses.


“Register your trademarks, your name, your logo. If you're using a tagline, register that as well. They really are fundamental elements to your brand and you want to make sure that you own them. Don't make the mistake of believing that just because it came out of your head, you actually own it. You have to take the steps to own it. And the steps are not difficult. They can be intimidating, but there are people there who can help you.” ~ Cynthia Mason, Mason PC


Episode Highlights:

  • Learn about Cynthia’s path to entrepreneurship
  • Understand the meaning of what a trademark is and why it’s necessary for your business
  • Discover tips for protecting your brand
  • How to choose a good name that can be trademarked
  • Why is there so much value in your brand and protecting it
  • Tangible action steps for moving forward 
  • How a Trademark agent can help with the trademark process


Thank you Cynthia for sharing your perspectives that shift!  Get in touch with Cynthia for a free consultation to obtain more information about owning and protecting your name, logo or other trademarks here:


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