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Episode #18- Toxic Positivity: The Impact and How to Change the Relationship With Self with Claudia Aronowitz

This personal awareness and knowing ourselves and changing the relationship with ourselves, I feel is such an essential trait or skill to have in leadership, being a leader and leading others. And when you're in that role of influencing other people, you have to believe in you. ~ Nathalie Amlani, Brand Strategist and Photographer


In this week’s episode, I chat with Claudia Aronowitz who recently wrote an article on LinkedIn about Toxic Positivity that got over 6000 views.  This topic is relevant and one that I felt was essential to bring to the forefront.   To help with showing up authentically on social media and to release the need to feel that when we share our story it has to always be positive.  


Toxic positivity is defined as an obsession with positive thinking. It is the belief that people should put a positive spin on all experiences, even those that are profoundly tragic.  The impact of it is that it can invalidate one’s emotional state, it also increases secondary emotions: it may end up with feelings of being ashamed of being sad or embarrassed about being afraid or angry.

About Claudia:  Claudia Aronowitz is an accomplished personal development and relationship coach.  Claudia uses compassion, insight and straightforward communication to support her clients through change and transition. Her ability to clarify complex situations, and break them down into accessible steps, helps her clients gain new perspectives and confidence, while embracing new opportunities.


Positivity can be toxic because part of being positive is accepting that you have bad days and things you dislike and all kinds of feelings. ~ Claudia Aronowitz


In this episode:

  • Learn about Claudia’s journey to entrepreneurship
  • Understanding toxic positivity, the impact it can have and how to respond to it
  • The powerful concept of the word AND and it permits you to embrace the good and the bad
  • Acceptance, facing fears, and how to change the relationship with yourself
  • Embracing how both humans and relationships are perfectly imperfect
  • The process of getting to know yourself, to have personal awareness and why it’s essential in leadership


"...I can say I'm having a hard time. I can say, you know, this year has been complicated.  I can be real, permitting the other person to be real too…." ~ Claudia Aronowitz


Thank you Claudia for sharing your story, it truly provides powerful perspectives that shift.


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