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Episode #19 - The New Mindset Needed to Attract and Retain Top Clients and Employees with Lynn Thomas

As a leader there can be a lot of pressure… to have the answers, to know what to do in uncertain times.  Mindset is huge for helping to navigate unexpected terrain and today we’re going to chat about the new mindset needed to attract and retain top clients and employees post covid.  I’m so excited to welcome Lynn Thomas, CEO of Thomas Consulting specializes in client and employee retention.  


Lynn Thomas is an experienced, accomplished, dynamic, energetic, and deeply caring leader. She has been committed to cultivating transformative leaders for over 30 years — working with executives, managers, founders, organizations, and institutions to navigate change, rejuvenate culture and exceed their potential in areas of business and beyond. Covid offers companies a rare opportunity to harness the diamonds in the rough and turn them into invaluable insights that can catapult them forward.


Her vast experience has been garnered from decades of work with hundreds of companies in diverse industries. Stints as a consultant, tax attorney, private banker, and change agent have all contributed to her unique, compelling, and agile approach—one that engages, inspires, and motivates her clients. In turn, her clients generate remarkable successes. As they become more agile, more innovative, and kinder, the companies become more profitable, and their employees become more engaged, and find their workplaces more enjoyable.


Lynn brings a high-energy, passionate approach to the highly customized programs she designs. She quickly assesses the culture, nuances, and priorities of an organization, and then translate those insights into practical strategies that are immediately actionable.


Lynn has been a keynote speaker at hundreds of conferences, conventions, associations, and organizations. She has been a columnist for trade publications and has authored many articles. Her second book, “Wow Your Way To Profit” was published in May 2015 by Amazon and is a #1 Best Seller.


"Don't ever underestimate the power of a motivated, engaged, productive, and happy employees…" ~ Lynn Thomas, Thomas Consulting


Episode Highlights:

  • Lynn’s career that started out as a Tax Attorney to Private Banker to Change Agent to founder of Thomas Consulting
  • Why a new mindset is needed to attract and retain top clients
  • How to develop employees and ensure employee satisfaction is high which leads to increased productivity and retention
  • Why coming up with 20 solutions/options to a problem can lead to creative breakthrough and how to complete the exercise
  • How to leverage a board of advisors
  • The keys to retaining top clients with in-depth interviews and why not to use surveys
  • Tips for generating referrals in your business by asking
  • How to ask for feedback in your business in order to improve, uncover blind spots and grow
  • Why Emotional Intelligence is a key skill to tap into for the way forward


Four decision making behaviour questions to ask your top clients:

  • Why did they come to you
  • Why did they stay
  • Why would they leave
  • Why would they would refer or not refer you


"...being uncomfortable is the message to you that you're growing…" ~ Lynn Thomas, Thomas Consulting

Thank you Lynn for sharing your perspectives that shift!


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