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Episode #20 - Manifesting Success and Tools for Coming Home to Harmony with Rise Wellness Collective

“You hold the key to all your joy…”  Jillian Locke, Rise Wellness Collective


What if you can manifest your greatest desires in business and life… what would that look like and feel like?.... And you’re probably wondering, HOW does one even get started with manifesting?

I’m on a personal journey of healing…. Leaning into yoga, nourishing my mind and body, understanding what chakras are and on my journey i met jillian and nadia and their energy is something I want to share with you.

We’re going to dive into manifestation, what it is, how to do it… and the tools for coming home to harmony.


About special guests Nadia and Jillian of Rise Wellness Collective:

Hi! We are Nadia Yanuziello and Jillian Locke, Co-founders of Rise Wellness Collective, a beautiful and supportive safe-haven that encourages you to live from a heart and soul centred space and shine your light into the world.

We believe you already hold the key to accessing your joy; our purpose is to deliver powerful wellness tools to help you come back home to harmony.

It is an honour to support you along your wellness journey through Yoga, Reiki, Energy Healing, Meditation and healing classes, workshops, privates, courses, personal guides and retreats.


You get to choose and decide your life and when you get more clear on your why and your purpose and your impact then the steps lay themselves out in front of you with more clarity and ease each day that you get more and more clear on your purpose. ~ Jillian Locke, Rise Wellness Collective


Episode Highlights

  • Nadia and Jillian’s story on how they joined forces and brought Rise Wellness Collective to life
  • Unveiling the power of manifesting, what it is and how to energetically get in alignment to receive
  • How to start with journaling and why it’s a powerful tool for believing in self
  • Knowing yourself and your desires
  • The invitation to write a letter to your future self
  • The concept of release and how it opens up the pathway to abundance and opportunity
  • Understanding soul and getting in tune with your spiritual self
  • What energy healing is and how it clears the blockages 
  • Tapping into your intuition

“Each of you individually have the power to heal yourself and to make conscious choices. That bring you closer to living a joy filled life, to living that life that feels easy and flowing that you are excited to show up in. And if you're not there yet, show yourself love kindness and compassion and patience, but also know that you are worthy of the support to feel better because it doesn't have to be so depleting and draining, it just means something is out of alignment for you. And there are tools available that can really tap in beyond the surface and allow messages to be channeled to you from your own energetic field.”  Nadia Yanuziello, Rise Wellness Collective

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