Tips For Managing Sleep To Maximize Productivity and Energy with Lily Horbatiuk

Episode #21 - Tips For Managing Sleep To Maximize Productivity and Energy with Lily Horbatiuk

When I get enough sleep, I am energized, my day is productive, I show up better, my mind is clear, and I make decisions with ease.  On the otherhand, when I don’t get enough day feels sluggish… like I’m hungover, I don’t feel my best self.  

Sleep hygiene is something I put high importance on for self care and it also has a positive impact on my business!  There’s soooo much to know about SLEEP!  On that note, I am excited to welcome to the show today, sleep consultant Lily Horbi-(chuck).  Today we’re going to dive into helping business owners manage sleep for themselves and their kids.

Lily is a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Potty Training Consultant and “Oh Crap” Potty Training Specialist. She is the mama behind Lil Baby Sleep with two little one’s herself. She provides customized support to help parents conquer developmental milestones with ease.

“…taking time to wind down at the end of the day and turn it all off..., those blue lights are not great for our brain either and they help to delay sleep onset by hours...start turning off your blue lights and relaxing at the end of the day…”  ~ Lily Horbatiuk


Episode Highlights:

  • Lily’s story of how sleep deprivation and postpartum anxiety led to becoming a successful entrepreneur
  • Why it’s essential for entrepreneurs to manage sleep for themselves to increase productivity
  • Simple yet powerful practices for establishing a consistent morning and a bedtime routine for optimal sleep
  • How to prepare for the upcoming time change without the hangover feeling with a gradual approach of moving bedtime up by 10-15 minutes a day
  • Understanding the ideal duration for naps 
  • Why getting out of bed right away upon waking up in the morning is the ideal start to the day


“The biggest tip that I would ever give anybody for sleep is to wake up at the same time each day, set your sleep cycles and you'll find that naturally you'll start waking up at that time and you'll start to sleep better. So that is also going to be helpful in terms of maximizing your energy and making sure that you're getting all of the rest.”  Lily Horbatiuk, Lil Baby Sleep


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