Harnessing the Power of Collaboration and Community over Competition with Maria Locker

Episode #22: Harnessing the Power of Collaboration and Community over Competition with Maria Locker

Collaboration over competition, support, moving past imposter syndrome… that’s the vibe of today’s show.  Being an entrepreneur…running your own business, growing a brand… is a huge undertaking, let's not sugar coat it… and you don’t have to do it alone.  Whether you're a solopreneur or have a team, there are sources of support and collaboration that are made possible through community.   Collaboration over competition is key to growth.  There is so much power in community and today we’re going to dive into this very topic with Maria Locker, founder and CEO of RevolutionHER


About special guest Maria Locker:

Maria Locker is an advocate and champion for the advancement of women and female entrepreneurs across North America, and is sought as a speaker, contributor, and expert surrounding topics including economic empowerment, gender equality, lifestyle and business trends, and products that women love. As Founder and CEO of RevolutionHER™ and its sister non-profit organization Momentum, Maria and her team have welcomed over 30,000 members and subscribers, presented over 800 events, and given back over $200,000 in funding and business mentorship to women through their annual awards programming. RevolutionHERTM is dedicated to bringing women together worldwide with impactful events and a community of like-minded peers, providing support and inspiration to help women unleash their potential and live their lives to the fullest.


This episode will truly shift your perspective from putting yourself second, third, or fourth… to first.


Episode Highlights:

  • Maria’s entrepreneurial journey to becoming the CEO and founder of RevolutionHER
  • The importance of self care and identifying signs of burn-out
  • Challenges that women face over the years, lack of grace for themselves
  • The benefits of community building, being part of a community and how to navigate it to reap the benefits 
  • How to combat imposter syndrome through conversations with each other and ourselves

The key tips for effectively engaging in community with like minded people through conversation is to: 1) ask for help, 2) be authentic - introduce yourself, and 3) show vulnerability.  The key message is to just be yourself.


“When you have a real conversation and you show the vulnerability and you show authenticity, it's really hard for people not to respond to that.” ~ Maria Locker, RevolutionHER


Want to be part of a supportive community of women?  Come join RevolutionHER at  https://www.revolutionher.com, the door is always open. There is always an incredible line up of events planned year round.  So depending on when you're listening to this, there a ladies night coming up in the new year, and they’ll be hosting an incredible author around Christmas time that hasn’t been revealed yet.


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