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If you own a business, you know you need to beat out the competition to succeed. You need an effective website and a strong social media presence, as well as an offer that people will get excited about. But how do you communicate all that to potential clients?

While compelling copy is extremely important, images actually play a huge role in how visitors see your website, and thus your brand. Do you want to give off an impression of authenticity? Start with your photos. If a potential customer is scrolling through your website, your images are the first thing they’ll see—and they have to make a powerful first impression.

Stay away from stock photos

If you can easily find a stock image, so can other brands and businesses—and you definitely don’t want to use the same photos that everyone else is using. That will give visitors to your website the impression that you’re just like everyone else when you actually have something incredibly unique to offer. 

Hiring a professional branding photographer to capture images of your business not only gives you a library of one-of-a-kind images to choose from—it also ensures that your photos are genuine and truly reflect your brand, differentiating you from your competitors. 

Take a variety of images

You don’t want all your product or office photos to look the same. Instead, provide your photographer with a wide variety of spaces, products and props to make sure you get tons of images that showcase every facet of your business. When choosing what to include beyond your products and workspace, think about the tools you use on a day-to-day basis. Even if it’s just your cell phone and computer, showing the tools of your trade is a great way to demonstrate how hard you work for your customers. 

Talk to your photographer about the best way to shoot and capture your brand. Depending on what field or industry you serve, your photographer may have suggestions about how to light or stage your products or workspace.


Show multiple angles

When it comes to product photography, a few shots of your product just aren’t enough. Consider how your products are used and show them in action or have someone hold each item to demonstrate scale. If your products come in multiple styles or colors, be sure to get photos of every option. You never know what images you’ll want to use or which photos will come in handy later. 

Before your branding session, chat with your photographer about your brand identity and how you can best represent your mission and values in your imagery.

Demonstrate exactly what you do

Even if you don’t have a tangible product, you can still use your branding photography to show potential clients exactly what you do. Talk to former clients about participating in your photoshoot. If you can show you or one of your team members working with a customer, those images will be perfect for promoting your business. 

And if you do sell a specific product, make sure to take photos of that product in use. You want anyone who sees your images to know exactly what you’re offering and why it’s so special and worth their time and money! 

Think about where you will use your photos

Each audience you showcase your brand to will expect something different. For example, lifestyle images often work best to capture attention on Instagram or Pinterest, while straightforward product photos are the best option for your website’s product listings. 

You want to have a variety of images to meet the needs of each audience. That way, you’re prepared to promote your brand at any time and anywhere!


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