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You booked your next (or your first) branding photoshoot - congrats! Let me guess - you feel stumped on what to wear. That’s okay, in fact, it’s completely common. I’ve worked on so many brand photoshoots that I know the key takeaways to building the best outfits that will create the most scroll-stopping photos for your personal brand.

Keep in mind, these tips act as a guide rather than a strict set of rules!

Get Inspired

First and foremost, get inspired! Check your Pinterest boards (follow us at Pictonat while you’re at it!) Instagram saved folders, and even magazines for inspiration on different outfits and pieces you can work with. This will help you gain clarity into the direction to take for your branding photoshoot.

Outfits for Different Scenarios

Build outfits based on different scenarios. Think of your work-from-home outfit, a client facing outfit, a casual day outfit, something dressy for a special occasion, or being the boss that you are. What would you wear in those situations? Again, this can help narrow down on the types of outfits and the specific pieces you can build off of.  If your photoshoot has time for outfit changes and showcasing multiple stories, consider bringing an outfit from each scenario.

Think of the Different Angles

Build your outfits keeping in mind the different angles and proximity we will be photographing you in. This may be close-up headshots, wide-angles where your entire outfit will show, or in-action shots where you may be typing on your laptop with a focus on your hands.  Select necklines that you love to wear that flatter the shape of your face and that you've worn before.

If there are certain features or parts of your body you want to draw attention away from, consider drawing attention to another part of the body.  For example, some tips for pear shaped body are: Wear bright colours and prints on your upper body, wear darker colours on your bottom half, choose tops with detailing such as ruffles or embellishments, select tops and dresses with statement sleeves.


Get Colourful but Avoid Patterns

As comfortable as it is to go with a classic all black outfit, you’ll thank yourself for branching out! Colour evokes emotion, translates well on camera and makes you pop online. Think of what colours you want to incorporate to make your audience feel a certain way. Think of how you can incorporate your brand colours into your outfits too. But definitely stay away from any bright fluorescents or patterns which can be distracting from your presence and the message you are communicating to your audience.

When choosing colours, also consider the colours you love to wear and that compliment your skin tone, hair, and eyes.  If your photoshoot allows for multiple outfit changes, consider a variety such as a light option, dark palette, and a fun colourful option.

Layers! Layers! Layers!

Don’t be afraid of layers! For example, take that basic white tee and add a blazer or cardigan on top. Or that silk slip dress you love, and add a chunky knit! Layers add dynamics to the image and also create a more sophisticated look.

Seasonal Flexibility

Given that you will use these images year-round, think of what you can wear that translates to each season. These pieces include blazers, jeans, button up shirts, and casual and solid coloured dresses. You definitely want to avoid building outfits too focused on specific holidays or too summery for your branding photoshoot.

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Use accessories to add character and sophistication to your outfit. What are the pieces you love to wear daily and how can you incorporate them into different looks? Bring those pieces and you’ll shine even more.

Think of Your Dream Customer

How do you want your dream customer to perceive you and your business? If you’re a trainer, you’re likely going to want some photos in your workout gear. If you’re a health and wellness expert, maybe photos in your white lab coat too. If you want to be seen as approachable, try a more casual outfit. Being perceived as “professional” to your dream customer doesn’t mean you have to wear a business suit, rather the pieces that reflect your profession!

Get Comfortable

Finally, as much as we can give you these tips on what to wear to your branding photoshoot, do what you feel most comfortable in. The last thing you want is to step out in front of the camera and feel uncomfortable in your outfit, or feel as if it doesn’t accurately reflect you and your personality. Remember, this post acts more as a guide than strict rules!


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